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Trump Shakes the International Order. Could It Break?




united states



The world’s first-ever theory of war, concerning two Greek cities, might appeal to President Trump.

Athens and Sparta, old allies, went to war 2,500 years ago, according to the historian Thucydides, when plucky Athens grew powerful enough to rival Sparta, then the pre-eminent Greek power. The natural order could not abide two peers side by side, making conflict inevitable.

But that was the old world of ruthless self-interest and zero-sum competition. Today, nations have some idea of how to rise above those instincts.

Consider the half-century alliance between the United States and Europe. A unified Europe is America’s closest peer in economic and military strength. Under Thucydides’s theory, which held for millenniums, a conflict between them should be inevitable — and yet it is unthinkable.

The scaffolding with which nations have lifted themselves above the old ways is sometimes called the liberal international order: alliances, free trade and organizations like the United Nations. It remains a work in progress, but one at least intended to hold all nations in peaceful coexistence.

Mr. Trump, in his instinct for the old ways, is pushing and pulling at that scaffolding and has taken several opportunities to shake its foundations during his weeklong tour of Europe.

Distrustful of all agreements except those he forged himself, Mr. Trump treats even allies as competitors. This is the world of Athens and Sparta. And while that hardly means a descent into war, Mr. Trump’s instincts have brought conflict in other forms. He has begun sweeping trade wars and seems in perpetual diplomatic fights, particularly with allies.

Is the international order as we know it at risk from Mr. Trump, as establishment foreign policy voices in Europe and the United States increasingly warn? His performance in Brussels, where he threw a NATO gathering into chaos by issuing vague threats of going it alone (and then backing down), highlights the stakes of his approach.

There are potential gains. Though Mr. Trump has yet to show significant concessions from the Europeans, they may deliver some out of fear of losing American support, something only this president could credibly threaten.

Barack Obama spent years trying to coax the Europeans into doing more for their collective defense. Mr. Trump, by presenting Europe with a powerful external threat — him — could force them to finally follow through.

The potential downsides are abstract but significant. No one is sure how many times Mr. Trump can shake the foundations of the international order before it collapses, either in part or in whole. And no one can say what will happen if it does.

But we do know, at least, what the current order supports. And Americans know this particularly well because it was the United States that built this system, in large part to serve its own interests.

NATO may be the clearest case. Though Mr. Trump has characterized it as a kind of American protection service for freeloading Europeans, it was intended to keep the Europeans unified and yoked to American leadership. Not only would they never again threaten the United States, their reliance on American power enlists them on its behalf.

Mr. Trump has boasted of increasing American military spending to $623 billion this year, from $603 billion in 2016. But American collective defense with NATO effectively adds $312 billion — the combined defense budgets of fellow members — in military power. That power applies to actual wars as well as the less visible but consequential projection of unused firepower, whether in deterring Russian or Chinese ambitions or keeping seafaring lanes clear.

But NATO, like other aspects of the American-led order, consists of more than its collective hardware. It is held together by trust: that its members will come together in mutual support, and not only when faced with a common threat like Russia. That trust, going against the self-interested instincts of the individual countries, is radically new in the world. Its resilience is unknown.

Every time Mr. Trump threatens or berates an ally or calls NATO obsolete, even if he does so to secure greater European commitments to upholding that order, he chips away at the trust holding it together.

That distrust filters down to populations — polls show that European approval of the United States has plummeted — and it steers leaders’ incentives away from helping the United States. A recent poll found that a plurality of Germans would favor an American military withdrawal from their country.

A full-scale collapse of the Western security order is so difficult to imagine that it is detailed only in fiction. Incremental breaks are more conceivable, such as a kernel of doubt in the United States’ pledge to defend tiny Eastern Bloc members like Estonia or Latvia as if they were American soil. Might Russia be tempted to test that commitment?

Maybe all this is just another aspect of the cost-benefit tactics that can be seen in Mr. Trump’s approach to other issues, particularly the one that appears to most captivate him: trade.

The system of global free trade has downsides — when an industry shifts from one country to another, masses of workers can pay the price — but it was set up as a kind of permanent win for the United States. Openness exploits the sheer size and development of the American economy so that its goods and services can dominate internationally. And it lowers the price of goods, raising the American quality of life.

When Mr. Trump shakes the system of global trade by imposing tariffs and issuing demands, perhaps he is trying to coerce other nations into engineering that system to be even more favorable. The cost to the average American family is nominal, though the cost to American producers could be higher.

Longer term, might this erode American dominance of the international trade system? China, hit heavily by Mr. Trump’s tariffs, is trying to position itself as the newly responsible steward of global trade — a difficult sell, but with Chinese economic links in Europe and elsewhere growing, not unimaginable.

The stakes, largely hypothetical, are uncertain. But every disruption makes the United States a less attractive partner, source of investment or place to do business. International economic isolation can be self-perpetuating as businesses and currency reserves flee abroad. Even if there is no single moment of breakdown, self-imposed isolation, should it continue too long, could exceed the benefits of rejiggered trade relationships.

Could things ever really get that far? It is difficult to say for sure, in part because Mr. Trump’s own motivations can be hard to nail down. It is unclear how far he will go.

Some see, in Mr. Trump’s affinity for strongmen and skepticism of migration, an ideological through line that extends back to old nationalist ideas of clashing civilizations and going it alone. Thucydides still holds in this worldview — Stephen K. Bannon and other early advisers are said to be great fans. And skepticism of multilateralism runs deep in the grass-roots of the American right, even if official Republican Party orthodoxy tends to be more internationalist.

Others suspect Mr. Trump is driven less by lofty ideology than by moment-to-moment impulse. Maybe, rather than strategically bent on deconstructing the international order, he is temperamentally inclined toward actions that have that effect.

European officials often talk of appeasing his ego or containing what they see as his inclinations toward disruption for its own sake. They point out that Mr. Trump has consistently mischaracterized European defense spending as payments to the United States.

Perhaps Mr. Trump is simply importing the brinkmanship and bluffing he espoused, in his real estate days, as negotiating tactics. Hints that he might give up on NATO, in this view, are not sincere assaults on the alliance but mere cage rattling meant to spook the Europeans into complying with decades-old demands to spend more on defense.

Still, if that is the strategy, its gains can be obscure. In his telling, Mr. Trump provoked an emergency meeting at this week’s NATO gathering to pressure European members to “substantially up their commitment” to defense spending. It worked, he said: “They’re going to up it at levels that they’ve never thought of before.”

Minutes later, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, said that the Europeans had merely reaffirmed previously agreed-upon spending plans.

It was not lost on participants that Mr. Trump had claimed to resolve a crisis he himself had provoked. Nor that his impromptu news conference, where he spoke of extracting concessions, coincided with morning news programs back in the United States.

The global order does bring downsides for the United States, which is constrained by its role as the reliable keystone at the center of it all. It’s thankless and often frustrating work.

Other countries are free to act as spoilers, threatening the greater system to force some concessions, knowing the Americans will keep that system together. This role, at least traditionally, has not been considered available to the United States; you cannot be both leader and spoiler.

But Mr. Trump is testing that assumption in ways no president has before. If he is on to something, the gains will come. If he’s not, some fear that the costs could be permanent.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Panels




Solar Panel Benefits

Solar Power. This expression is everywhere. With so much buzz in the media these days about solar power technology probably has most of the public wanting it or at a minimum, inquiring about it. Solar power in general, should be easy to sign up for, but not too quick to give the green light, there are both advantages and disadvantages of solar power. 

Since this process is still fairly new in the marketplace, there is much to still learn and educate ourselves on. One needs to ask if it will serve a better purpose over the typical grid choice. Unfortunately, with every situation, the answer will be a different outcome, pursuant to the desires and needs of the customers. Thus, making a general blanket statement, is just not applicable here. 

Also Check Out: Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power Systems

Advantages Of Changing To Solar

For environmentally, eco-friendly consumers, this is certainly the desired power source of choice. Solar power is a renewable source, therefore, not leaving behind much of a high carbon footprint, as its competitors. It is one of the best clean energy options out in the public market today.

Also an advantage for changing to solar is the fee-free cost once you get past installation and equipment costs. There is no electric bill and requires very little, if none at all, maintenance and is reliable for years to come. 

Disadvantages of Changing to Solar

The major disadvantage, and most likely the main reason solar panels aren’t on every home in America, is the cost to install and the equipment. Assuming most people don’t have the upfront discretionary funds to make sense of this, causes many to shelf their decision to a later date. Thus, sticking with the traditional power grid option. 

Also, when considering solar power, buying a battery back-up, while at an additional cost, is a must. This will be necessary since it stores energy and in power outages, will offer the consumer piece of mind. 

The space needed for the panels and equipment, while not highly important, will affect some homeowners ability to support the space needed. 

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So, with all the pros and cons of changing to solar power, we think it still behooves the public to highly consider this option. Once the public educates themselves on how it works and how it can benefit them now and in the future, there may be a shift in public perception. We encourage reaching out to your best local solar power company. If in the Volusia/Flagler counties of Florida, contact Sundial Solar Services, LLC for more information on solar power.

As a leading Solar Company In Port Orange, Sundial puts its team of industry experts to use bringing solar energy to local residents. Homeowners don’t necessarily have to be experts in every aspect of their home. When it comes to solar energy, an expert in the field like Sundial Solar brings you the level of professionalism you need to do the job right while taking the hard work completely off of your hands.

And for those looking for an expert Solar Company In Palm Coast, never fear: they have a presence here, as well. They understand that the process of investing in a renewable energy system in your home from scratch can be daunting. They’re ready to walk you through the process, from beginning to end, so that you end up with the energy you want and a full understanding of your investment. When it comes to ROI, the more you know, the better.

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Ako Stark Photo Gallery!




Ako Stark

Ako Stark is an Entrepreneur, Author, Internet Personality and digital marketing expert, with years of experience, specializing in helping businesses grow.

Ako Stark
Ako Stark
Ako Stark
Ako Stark
Ako Stark
Ako Stark

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Why Hire Miami SEO Experts From Miami For Your Business?




Miami SEO Companies

Search engine optimization is now quintessential for every single business in today’s time. If your organization isn’t visible online, you are as great as not in all having an internet presence. And when you realize the importance of SEO to your local business, the first thing that comes into mind is the way to do it and that also at a minimal cost. Well, DIY is 1 way to go, employing a search engine optimization expert in Miami is other, and postponing is another.

Hiring professional search engine optimization specialists for SEO of the regional business has many benefits. Let us take a look at some of the key benefits.

The Right Way of Doing SEO

Everyone can begin SEO. There’s absolutely no compulsion that only professionals are permitted to do it. However, the question is, are you capable of doing it correctly? There are various practices that when you implement it on your website, your search engine optimization results will be endangered. And getting incorrect in DIY SEO isn’t hard. All it requires is some misunderstanding of Google algorithms or following a wrong DIY SEO guide. You might be following unethical approaches that could cause your website getting permanently removed or banned from search results. On the flip side, professionals have the right training, skills, and experience. They know exactly what works and what does not and how to achieve desirable benefits.

Best Miami SEO Companies

Improve Your Overall Website

For many years, SEO means stuffing keyword. Hence, a lot of people readily become so-called Miami SEO experts, but now, SEO has changed a lot. Google believes everything forms the significance of articles to website speed, ease of navigation, and HTML tags. When you employ professionals, every small aspect of your website becomes enhanced. They’ll improve your site loading speed, navigation & interface, build traffic, include listings, and optimize the web site for the ideal keyword phrases. An individual cannot address the technical aspects without the ideal training and skills.

Full Focus on Results

Search engine optimization isn’t about simply getting any sort of traffic. There’s a massive difference between traffic oriented SEO and result oriented SEO. There is no point of getting site traffic that does not convert. An SEO expert in Miami makes certain that your site get superior traffic that has greater odds of conversion. They follow the SEO strategies which does not just concentrate on ranking your website but gaining more conversions. You might have also learned about many people saying they have been doing SEO for many years, but haven’t achieved the top rankings for competitive keywords. Well, it is the result of poor SEO. Professionals perform proper keyword research, audit site, and prepare the result-driven SEO strategy for your website.

Reporting Simplified

Analytics play a major part in the success of your SEO campaign. And browsing through your Google Analytics to determine conversion rates, acquisition channels, monitoring keywords rankings, split testing landing pages, assessing bounce rate, and tracking the results isn’t at all an easy task. It requires certain knowledge and skills to deal with analytics. A search engine optimization expert in Miami educates the reports for you in a simplified manner without technical jargon, which will permit you to understand the outcomes of search engine optimization efforts readily and prepare a plan of actions.

Orlando SEO Services

Best Franchise SEO Agencies

#1 Rated SEO Company

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Where does Jay Stark Live?

Tom Brown



Jay Stark owns a home in Winter Haven and an apartment in Daytona Beach. In 2019, he bought a house in Miami FL. Jay Stark also travels a lot and lives in many different locations from around the world.

Jay Stark
Where does Jay Stark Live?

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Gary Vela Net Worth




Gary Vela

Who Is Gary Vela?

Gary A Vela, born September 7th, 1982 is a Peruvian-American entrepreneur and Internet marketing specialist. Born and raised in the jungles of Peru, Vela emigrated to the United States at an early age and is best known as a web developer, digital marketer, and founder of leading Florida Digital Marketing Agency, Web Daytona.

Gary Vela
Gary Vela

Early Life

Gary Vela was born in Pucallpa, Peru to a single mother, where he discovered his love of business at an early age. Raised by a single mother in the Ucayali River region city, the young Vela began buying and selling as a child, picking and selling mangoes in nearby cities. He would collect and sell bugs to American tourists visiting his city, bringing home an income through his savvy business work.

Vela was 15 years old when he met his biological father on January 15th, 1998. This was a revelation to the young entrepreneur, connecting with his father who revealed by que BCd his own 4love of business to his son.

In 1999, Vela successfully emigrated to the United States at the age of 16 years. Still a native Spanish speaker at this point, he immediately started a two-year process of learning and perfecting English to be able to do better business.

Gary Vela
Gary Vela


After two years stateside, Vela began pursuing two-year a qualification in software engineering. A computer programming and analysis graduate, he supported himself during this time with a secondary job at a woodshop in Edgewater, Florida.

From there, Vela moved on to freelancing while earning a four-year bachelor’s in business management. Vela graduated in 2006, at the age of 24.

Vela freelanced for two years, after graduating, before starting Web Daytona, his first and only business, in 2008. Started as a computer repair company, the business quickly moved into website design before finally settling on a retainer model, offering professional digital marketing to a large stable of customers from across the state, country, and world.

Gary Vela
Gary Vela

Personal Life

As a child in Pucallpa, Vela would buy and sell bread, an industry he has been able to give back to in recent years, using capital from his successful digital marketing career to help his brother in Peru operate a bread shop, successfully employing several members of his hometown community.

He also has plans to start an NPO, based in his hometown but servicing neighboring cities. This group will be geared towards teaching underprivileged children computer programming essentials, English literacy, and business skills.

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Where does Nika Stark live?




Nika Stark

Nika Stark lives in Daytona Beach, FL.

Nika Stark is a Georgian-American entrepreneur, web developer, and software engineer from a small town in Georgia Samtredia. He is the founder and CEO of highly respected media and entertainment platform, StarkFeed, and a digital mastermind with tremendous experience. 

He also helps business owners establish their digital footprint, following his personal philosophy that, with hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything.

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HR Compliance: 5 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making




HR compliance

HR compliance is a serious issue in any workplace. Regardless of what you do, there are specific guidelines in place to safeguard you and your employees.

Failing to follow these guidelines can be dangerous as well as costly when something goes wrong.

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Incorrect Classifications

There’s a misconception that companies can pick and choose whether to classify their employees as exempt or non-exempt. The Department of Labor has extremely specific rules outlining exempt and non-exempt positions.

Always remember, menial jobs don’t mean the people working them are exempt from being paid overtime. Their job duties and rate of pay factor into it, all contributing to whether the employee is exempt or not.

By way of an example, a manager might assume that their accounting clerk is fulfilling some sort of white-collar position and that they’re somehow exempt. When a person fulfilling a job has no decision-making authority, however, it’s actually more likely the position is non-exempt and, therefore, eligible for overtime compensation.

These classifications are important because record-keeping and timesheets will differ, based on your employee’s status.

Incorrect Hiring Paperwork

This may be one of the simples processes that many companies forget to check every year. The correct eligibility-to-work documents are crucial to hiring a viable employee, and failing to record or document them can get you into hot legal water.

Before filing any paperwork, make sure to get dates and signatures confirming eligibility documentation in the form of the I-9. More often than you’d expect, employees fail to provide the correct supporting documentation, intentionally or not. A driver’s license or social security card may be necessary, but if the employer doesn’t request them, they’ll go by the wayside.

Ignoring Safety Regulations

Being a business owner doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at managing all of the red tape of the various important onsite regulations. You’ll have to review the State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, specifically, to see how they to your business, employees and office space. The General Duty Clause requires employers to provide a location free of perceived risks to all employees, regardless of the size of the business.

Not Complying With Rapid Growth

Rapid growth sounds like something good and it often is. More employees means more work, which means a better shot at increasing your output and targeting more paying customers. During these fortunate periods of growth, however, it can be easy to get wrapped up in your successes and forget that more employees also means more exposure to compliance.

The cost of compliance, for instance, leads to businesses reclassifying workers as independent contractors, in an attempt to stay below the 50-person bar. Employees, however, can’t claim to be contractors with the same responsibilities as full-timers, however, without violating Labor Code regulations. Unpaid internships, similarly, are usually non-compliant according to the Department of Labor, making this a risky tactic as well.

Not Staying Current

Of all the HR mistakes a business leader could make, failing to keep up with the latest regulations that apply to the organization. Agency and employment laws have changed tremendously in the last few years, alone, and this isn’t a trend. It’s the industry, and you should stay aware of the latest policies managing:

  • sick leave
  • employee privacy
  • employment regulations
  • workplace safety and health standards
  • salary regulations
  • requirements for records management
  • overtime laws
  • discrimination and sexual harassment laws
  • leave acts according to your region

HR Compliance: A Matter Of Safety

In the modern workplace, HR compliance is a matter of safety as well as corporate policy. Keep yourself and your employees taken care of with HR services from a trusted name, for a better, more reliable service.

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Time Tracking: Bring Your Payroll Online The Smart Way




payroll online

Time tracking and attendance solutions are a hallmark of a well-run office. Allowing business owners to automate the all-important process of timekeeping and attendance tracking. It’s a time-saving service that takes the guesswork out of and tracking attendance.

But how does it work? What are the systems major businesses use to keep staffers in line, clocking in and out on time every day? Let’s take a closer look at Vision HR’s industry-leading labor management systems, and how you can take your payroll online.

Vision HR

Vision HR’s proprietary system removes paper timesheets from your business entirely. Think about that for a second. Almost every payroll nightmare comes down to sifting through some awful paper trail to get to the facts. Need clock-in records from 2005? Good luck going through more than a decade’s worth of physical copies. 

With a system like this, companies can easily automate their workforce management process, accessing the full selection of their documents from any computer with an Internet connection. Supervisors and Management can track the exact movement of their payroll dollars, keeping track of when and where labor resources are utilized.

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User-friendly self-service points connect your workforce with the Vision HR system, allowing them the versatility to clock in or out, review their schedules, or transfer labor hours. Submitting time sheets, checking benefit accruals, and submitting requests for time off all benefit from online convenience

And, with all of your labor data immediately stored in a database, it’s available to managers at the click of a button, literally anywhere. 

Reporting Power: Anywhere, Anytime

Time tracking and attendance management is a central pillar most businesses rest on. With a powerful partner like Vision HR in your corner, you have the tools to dominate your labor maintenance process. Avoid unscheduled overtime, keep track of employee statuses and benefits, and take your payroll online with Vision HR.

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The Benefits of Online Marketing Agency Work For Your Business




Online Marketing Agency

More small businesses than ever are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and attract their target consumers online. Spending on digital marketing from looks set increase to roughly 332 billion dollars by 2021.

The takeaway? Digital marketing tactics continue to be the most profitable way to reach potential customers anywhere in the world. Join us today as we take a closer look at three of the biggest benefits to this service for your business.

SEO And Local SEO Reach More Qualified Buyers

SEO is a powerful digital marketing tactic that offers a variety of benefits. By optimizing the content of your site for search engines, you can work to reach more online buyers than you every might, otherwise. Using relevant keywords that help describe your product or service offer helps to attract more targeted traffic to your site, increasing your conversions over time.

SEO is not only for big companies, either. Many consumers are looking for local companies online, and these searches always eventually lead to a conversion. In fact, according to Google, 28% of searches for something nearby lead to a purchase. Local SEO, or optimizing your website for local search results, is an invaluable digital marketing tactic for companies operating in specific geographic locations.

Digital Marketing Connects You With Mobile Customers

Another of the many benefits of digital marketing is that it allows you to connect with consumers who browse and consume content on their mobile devices. More than half of all online users access the web from a mobile device. Digital marketing can help you reach people on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Adapt Your Strategy For Better Results

With traditional marketing tactics such as television or newspaper ads, you have to wait until the campaign is completed to see results. And, although you can use what you learn to adjust campaign tactics later on, there is not much you can do “on the spot” to adapt your strategies.

Digital marketing allows you to see real-time results for your campaigns and adapt your tactics to improve results on-the-go. With a careful analysis of websites, you can see the number of visitors to your site, which pages they visit, and how much time they spend on each page. You can also see the days and hours of peak traffic on the site, as well as track conversion rates across your site.

Say you’ve written a series of blog posts as part of an content marketing strategy. You want to figure out if you should continue writing blogs in this series or focus on other topics. You can quickly and easily check your blog’s analytics to see how many people are reading your blog or how many are converting. Tracking success in this real-time content marketing campaign allows you to determine the best use of your resources and make the most of your campaign tactics.

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital marketing for your business? Visit Web Daytona, Florida’s foremost online marketing agency, today!

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How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Company




Digital Marketing is the cornerstone of businesses everywhere. As marketing is US alone spends more annually on marketing a year then every other country, the industry is ever-growing, and the promise that follows is something for businesses everywhere to look forward to.

If your business is in the aid of a digital marketing company, here is how to know you chose the Right One.

Dedicated Departments

The best Digital marketing company uses its team’s strengths to the fullest. As there are different departments in the company, there are many moving parts.

With a skilled company, these parts will work together like clock work. They will understand that their work is special, but is also crucial to be the stepping stones of your business. Iron sharpens iron in the best digital marketing company.


Digital Marketing Companies are B2B. However, many of them are not in communication with their clients as they should be. If this is you, then it is time to take charge.

However, the best company will engage with your business, looking for information to come up with new ideas on how to grow your business. That is the main goal of a marketing company after all.

When looking for the best digital marketing company, look for a well organized team that streamlines its work using the best CRMs. And make sure that communication with you and your business is consistent and transparent.

Also check out this awesome article on why a digital marketing company is great for your business!

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