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Part of the way a rehab clinic works is by enforcing a very strict rule system on the people who live there. This code of ethics makes the place easier to live in, but also goes a long way towards giving the residents a sense of personal pride that they can use to improve their own lives.

But when are the rules too much.

When are you not getting anything out of behaving to someone else’s strict rule book?

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at some typical rules, and why they exist, so you can judge for yourself.

Rehab Dallas TX: What To Expect

No cell phones or computers


It’s hard to imagine a setting in the modern world where computers and cellphones aren’t appropriate. But rehab is a pretty good candidate, if we’re being honest.

The idea is simple: cutting your communications options with the outside world. Outside distractions might take your focus away from getting better. Being in easy contact with the bad influences in your life may lead to relapse. And being able to post publicly about your experience will undermine yours and anybody else’s rehabilitation experience.

So, on this note, we can definitely recommend following your rehab center’s advice.

No reading materials (aside from recovery-related or spiritual texts)

Many new rehab patients balk at the idea of no books or texts during their time in rehab, but there’s actually some basis to this, as well. Based on the idea of a a spiritual, contemplative retreat, this idea aims to make sure patients are forced to spend more time thinking about themselves, their lives, and the treatment they are currently undergoing.

This can be useful, but remember you have rights, and should be given opportunities to communicate freely, as well.

Observed Urine Samples


Once again, this is a step many consider to be a little severe. Until you consider what it means about the facility you’re attending.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation takes many different shapes and sizes. The common thread through any recovery process, however, is accountability, and that’s what urine samples are for. And if you’re thinking that being observed doing yours is a little extreme, what it means is actually relatively simple. That your check ins mean something a little more serious.

If you feel like your privacy is being invaded by (let’s put it plainly) having someone watch you pee, think about it this way: it is. And you paid for it. Because secrets hidden in private lead to bad behaviors for certain people. And having someone observe it can help you break out of that destructive cycle.

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Should You Go With Your Rehab Dallas TX choice?

So, when it comes to choosing a Rehab Dallas TX facility to help you get clean, the question is “Is there anything they aren’t allowed to do?”

And the answer is “Yes! Tons!” But, if you want to make progress during your treatment, it’s important to remember that you came to them to help with your problem. And the more you play along, the better and more effective your treatment is going to be.

If you suspect your personal boundaries are being invaded and you can’t abide by the intrusion, you should absolutely say something. Just remember that nothing truly changing ever happened by doing the comfortable thing.

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Orlando Digital Marketing Agency



Orlando Digital Marketing Agency

Are you new to the exciting world of online marketing? Perhaps you’re looking for an Orlando Digital Marketing service but you’re not sure where to start.

It can be confusing when you’re getting into it. The Internet’s a big place, and marketing’s (probably) the world’s oldest profession.  Luckily for you, though, we’ve put together our list of the three most important things to look for in an Orlando digital marketing agency.

Ready to get started? Good – we’re raring to go.

Orlando Digital Marketing Agency

Orlando Digital Marketing Agency

A Balance Of Strategy And Execution

Our first tip today applies to most businesses. The truth is, though, it’s especially important with something like an Orlando digital marketing agency.

You don’t want to get slowed down by strategy. A business that spends too much time planning runs the risk of running out of execution time. While it’s important your agency comes to you with a comprehensive plan for how to move forward, they also need to be decisive. If your strategizing lasts more than a few sessions, you’re waiting too long to pull the trigger.

Similarly, an Orlando digital marketing agency that just runs into an execution without planning runs a big risk of making a mistake at some point.

You need a balance, and your agency needs to recognize that, or they may not be worth the time.

Experience To Back Up Their Claims

As with any other company, your Orlando digital marketing agency needs to be able to show you the numbers. After all, these are the people you’re trusting your bottom line to. Ostensibly, they’ll be able to bring you in those much-needed website visits, which will hopefully turn into sales that make up for your investment.

Ask for figures from past campaigns. Ask for estimates on how long your SEO and Social Media Marketing will take to start working. Get a break down of your PPC investment and how it translates into clicks, per dollar.

Orlando Specific Experience

Our last point is crucial.

An Orlando digital marketing agency has to have some background with Orlando clientele in order to be relevant to you. If you’re courting an agency from out of the state or, God forbid, out of the country, you’re going to run into conflicts of culture and interest.

Orlando is a specific city, with specific businesses. It’s why people choose to do business here. The assumption, then, is if you get an Orlando based (or at least Orlando-experienced) agency working for you, their interests will align with yours.  This can make a huge difference in everything from which ads you run, to the content of your videos, and how you’re portrayed to local Internet users whose business you want.

Digital Marketing In Orlando: And Now You Know

Ultimately, when looking for an Orlando digital marketing agency, you need to make sure you find someone who meets your needs exactly.

Interested in finding that exact kind of service? We’re so glad – get in touch with us, Web Daytona, today, and discover an Orlando digital marketing agency that towers above the competition.

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Become A Compassionate Entrepreneur, With Trades Of Hope



Trades of Hope

Empower and become empowered, with Trades of Hope.

From time to time, as a business owner, you’ll get the opportunity to become something more than “just another entrepreneur”. Sometimes, you’ll get a shot at making a real difference in someone’s life.

At Trades of Hope, they make giving you that shot that business.

Trades of Hope

Start Giving Back To The Women Of The World

The work done at Trades of Hope falls into the category of charity, but that’s reducing it a little too much. They are an active, socially-conscious brand that sources ethically-crafted fashion and accessories from women who might otherwise be sidelined from earning an income.

They outsource the selling to you, a vendor, and the proceeds go back to women who desperately need it.

The work they do pulls these women away from the poverty they struggle with every day, as well as the systems that oppress them. Sex slavery. Sweatshop work. Even just the oppressive lack of education that goes hand-in-hand with constantly having to work for a paycheque that never comes. Their work puts the power back into their hands, and we’re proud to say they currently employ artisan partners from more than 16 different countries.

And Here’s Where You Come In

So how and why should you get involved with Trades of Hope?

We’re glad you asked:


  • Giving Back: One of the more frustrating parts of working with impoverished women is hearing “I’d help out if there was something I could offer, but….” With these products in your shop, you’re actively helping to put money in the hands of women who need it. This is your opportunity.
  • The Fashions Are Unique and Gorgeous: This isn’t some pity project where you’ll be left hocking ugly bracelets to customers who don’t want them. Some of these garments and fashion accessories look good enough for the runway.
  • It’s Good For Business: Being involved in charity isn’t only morally good. It’s also a great way to promote your own business. Affiliate yourself with a movement that’s helping women around the world, and enjoy being able to call yourself an ally.
  • Actually Earn An Extra Income: Don’t get us wrong: charity is the more important part of this process. But they offer vendors at least 25% of the earnings from the sales of these items, meaning you actually get to benefit from each sale as well. And that’s just good business.
  • Promote Products From Across The World: The nature of their service is that they offer businesses the opportunity to sell accessories from many different countries. Bring in a multicultural palette to your shop, and breathe some new life into your product line. With this kind of eye-catching offering, you’ll have them hooked the moment they walk through the door.


Trades Of Hope: Join In Giving Back

It’s not hard to justify charity work. As humans, we want to help out as much as we can. What’s important, though, is to recognize that charity work also helps the people who do it and that there are more reasons to do it than just giving back to some nameless person you’ve never met.

With Trades of Hope, the benefits are clear.

Interested in learning more? Visit their website, or get in touch, and begin empowering the women of the world today.

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Stephen Hawking, Dead At Age 76



Stephen Hawking

World famous theoretical physicist, author, and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, passed away in his Cambridge home, earlier today.

One of the foremost minds in his industry, Hawking was not only an important scientific mind but an icon. His book, A Brief History of Time, helped to explain dense scientific concepts to a world of eager readers, and is considered a must-read science primer, even thirty years after its release.

Coupled with his groundbreaking critical academic work on black holes, his life’s work was extraordinary.

Join us, as we take a closer look at Stephen Hawking’s life, his work, and his sad passing.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, Personally

Stephen Hawking, born in Oxford in 1942, was the son of not one but two University of Oxford attendees. One of three paternal siblings and an adopted brother, Stephen grew up in an intelligent household. The family often spent mealtimes, vacations, and weekends all silently reading.

Spurred on by a school teacher (and his huge natural aptitude), Hawking studied mathematics at Cambridge starting in 1962. Here, he actually quickly became despondent, unimpressed with his supervisor, and disappointed in his own ability to apply mathematics to work in general relativity and cosmology.

In spite of an early diagnosis of motor neuron disease, Hawking used his time at Cambridge to write a thesis on singularities that, essentially, showed how the Big Bang Theory of creation was possible, physically. He won an Adams Prize award (for his essay “Singularities and the Geometry of Space-Time”), obtained his Ph.D., and kickstarted his career with a research fellowship at Gonville and Caius College.

Stephen Hawking, Professionally

In a professional life as long and storied as Stephen Hawking’s, it might be better to list his major accomplishments off than spend too much time on each one, lest I keep you reading for days and weeks.

Here are just ten of his numerous accomplishments and contributions to the world of science:

Co-discovering the four laws of black hole mechanics, a set of properties that black holes are thought to embody. He won the Gravity Research Foundation Award for his essay, “Black Holes”.

His theory that black holes emit Hawking radiation. This is significant because, before this, it was thought that nothing escaped from black holes, and that evidence of the things that had been destroyed by them was always completely lost. This was a controversial theory but is still considered extremely important within the scientific community.

The Hartle-Hawking state model, which proposed that, before the big bang, time did not exist. This is an extremely popular element to the big bang theory and renders the question of “what was the beginning of the universe” essentially meaningless.

A Brief History Of Time, his famous book, in which he discusses cosmology, the big bang, light cones and black holes in a non-technical language. This made it accessible to average readers, which may be why it lived on the bestseller list for 237 weeks. He also wrote numerous other books, before his death,

His contribution to the cosmic inflation theory. Another theory which has since become widely accepted, this idea is that, after the initial big bang that set the universe in motion, there was actually exponential growth in the universe, before it settled into a slower expansion.

Stephen Hawking, On His Illness and Passing

“I have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first.”

Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1963, after becoming increasingly uncoordinated and developing slurred speech. This is a condition that affects and weakens the muscles and impairs your physical ability.

Doctors at the time gave him a life expectancy of two years. With hard work, some clever maneuvering, and the support of his family, he outlasted the condition well into his seventies.

At the time of writing this article, Hawking’s family had not released any information on how he passed away.

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