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Danica Patrick’s Final NASCAR Race Ended In Huge Disappointment



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. The end came sooner than expected, sooner than she and her faithful following of fans had hoped.

Danica Patrick’s final ride in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series was in a golf cart — to and from the infield care center at Daytona International Speedway.

The towering scoreboard provided slight content if not context — Patrick finished 35th in the field of 40. That she’d run as high as 13th in Sunday’s season-opening Daytona 500 while avoiding early incidents was left unsaid.

“Tony Eury Jr., my crew chief, did an awesome job,” Patrick, uninjured, told reporters soon after departing the care center. “The whole team did a really good job.”

The first half of her Danica Double, which will conclude with a return to compete in the Indianapolis 500 later this year, came together quickly, she noted, adding “that’s a tall order to get a car ready for a superspeedway that’s competitive.”

“But it was [competitive],” she stressed. “But it just wasn’t meant to be today.”

Proof of that sat inside the garage, her garish green Go Daddy-sponsored No. 7 Chevrolet parked perhaps 300 yards away. It looked every bit like a car that had just been swept up in a multicar collision at nearly 200 mph. It was bent and spent.

Crewmen surrounded the vehicle while fans milled about nearby, hoping for a glimpse of Patrick or perhaps a piece of sheet metal history to take home.

Eury, stepping away from the cutting and sawing, said the team’s goal had been to finish the race. “A solid top-10,” he said, “would be great.

“A win, that would be a story,” he said, grinning.

“The whole deal coming down here was we were going to have fun, we were going to try to run the best we can. [Danica] had a lot of confidence I would bring her a good Daytona car.”

Eury and the team did just that. Patrick had a carefree week prior to Sunday, competitively speaking. She posted the 28th-fastest speed overall seven days earlier in time trials, finished 14th in her qualifying race on Thursday and her practice times on Friday and Saturday were steady if not spectacular.

Speed is relative at Daytona, where restrictor plates rob engines of horsepower and rob drivers of the ability to pull away from each other. Here, the slowest can be fastest under the right circumstances and with the right drafting partners.

The week wasn’t without fanfare. New beau and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers surfaced on Thursday prior to Patrick’s qualifying race and was on hand here Sunday as well, spending time on the team’s pit box while Danica put in the final laps of her NASCAR career.

Earlier, in the Sunday morning drivers’ meeting, officials noted Patrick’s final start and Steve O’Donnell, executive vice president and chief racing development officer for NASCAR, thanked her publicly for her contributions to the sport. Drivers and officials gave her a rousing round of applause. Fans did likewise when she took the stage during driver introductions.

The end came hours later, playing itself out just past the halfway point of the 200-lap race as the field headed into Turn 3. Patrick, running midpack, found herself with nowhere to go when others in front slid this way and that, bounced off walls and off one another.

Her car was one of seven involved.

“You just don’t expect the guys up front to be wrecking,” Eury said. “That’s the whole deal.”

Exiting the care center afterward, Patrick seemed disappointed but determined. That, perhaps more than anything else, has summed up her stock car racing career. Some things never change.

It was determination that helped her make the transition from open-wheel racing, where she had become the first woman to win an IndyCar race, to the heavier, harder-to-handle stock cars of NASCAR.

There were two years of combination competition (2010-11) as she ran both open-wheel and NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. By ’12, she had begun her foray into Cup.

In 2013 she had won her first Cup pole, gained a huge fan following and brought interest to the sport from a sector not previously heard from in large numbers.

Youngsters, particularly but not exclusively female, seemed taken by the smallish but fiercely competitive Patrick. That didn’t change when Go Daddy, sponsor of her No. 10 ride at Stewart-Haas Racing for four of her five years in the series, stepped aside at the end of 2016.

Competitively, Patrick established records for female drivers in NASCAR — she’s the lone female pole winner with a No. 1 starting spot in the 2013 Daytona 500. Her eighth-place finish in that same race is best in the series by a female racer as well.

She closes her NASCAR career with seven top-10 finishes, another high-water mark, in 191 career starts.

“I’m thrilled,” Eury said of the opportunity to have worked with Patrick under such special circumstances. “That just shows me that I made an impact on her driving career in NASCAR and it makes me feel really good.”

The pair had come full circle — Eury served as crew chief for Patrick early in her career when she began the transition to NASCAR during her tenure at JR Motorsports in the Xfinity Series.

There will be those who will note Patrick failed to win a race, that she was not competitive in top-notch equipment provided to her by SHR.

No, she did not win. It’s worth noting, however, that others have had mixed results with similar equipment.

The fact that she had the talent and ability to compete at the top level of NASCAR for more than five years says as much about her as any statistical comparisons.

Her departure will be NASCAR’s loss.

As for Sunday?

“It was competitive. That’s all you can do,” Patrick said. “That’s the gamble about Daytona. It can go so well and it can go so awful.”

Much like her NASCAR career, it seems.

Kenny Bruce is a freelance writer who has been covering motorsports for more than 35 years. He is a three-time George Cunningham Writer of the Year Award winner and recipient of the Henry McLemore Award for continued excellence in journalism.

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What is an 80 Lower Receiver?



What is an 80 Lower Receiver

Many people  guess at what an 80 lower is. Most of what people hear nowadays about them are from the media, as many state governments, and even the federal governments have expressed through the media, their disdain for receiver blanks.

However, currently, 80% lowers are still legal on the federal level. An 80% lower receiver is a partly machined receiver mainly for the AR-15 that is missing the component that would render it legally as a firearm. Because the legal jargon about what constitutes a firearm is clear, it only takes no filling any of those criteria in order to not be considered a firearm. That is how the 80% lower receiver is not legally considered a firearm. 

80% lowers are considered receiver blanks by most state legislatures, as well as by the ATF, the governing body of Federal firearms regulations in the United States. While the ATF has come out with several letters legitimizing 80% lowers, states are also able to regulate the transfer of 80% lowers, as states are given the right to regulate the transfer of firearms within their jurisdictions. 

80% lowers come in many different shapes and sizes, being made for many platforms, including glock, AK-47s, and AR-15s. That is because the term 80% lower, does not essentially mean that the gun is 80% complete, rather, it is lacking the necessary component/ cavity in its build that would allow for a fire control group, the parts responsible for firing the gun, to be readily assembled after purchase. In this way, any 80% lower cannot be a firearm unless it has these components either milled out, drilled, or in some fashion, machined. The key word here is “readily assembled.” There are also laws on how complete the 80% lower can be in order to not be considered a firearm. 

Who sells the best 80 lowers on the market?

While many companies out there sell 80% lowers online, there are some companies which rank among the best. That is, for the quality of the 80% lower, the price, and the customer service, these companies are ranked at the top. 

What is a quality that is 80% lower? The quality of the 80% lower comes from the durability of the material used. As polymer technology has advanced significantly, there are many different kinds of materials used in the manufacture of 80% lowers. Whether these can hold up after being milled out is what determines the quality of 80% lowers. 

The price of an 80% lower should not exceed what its 100% complete version is. That is because while they are eventually going to be the same, less machining work actually goes into the 80% lower as compared to the 100% complete version. 

Here is a list of some of the top 80% lower companies:

80% arms

80% Arms has been in the 80 lower jig for a while now, acting as one of the main sources for polymer jigs and 80% lowers. They develop a very unique 80% lower case that is based on the mil spec, but carries their signature design as well. 

5D Tactical

5D Tactical specializes in the manufacture of jig kits. Revolutionizing the 80% build process, they have a wide assortment of tools, jigs, and lowers in different materials designed with ease of use in mind. The Easy jig is 5D tacticals most well known product. 


80 is one of those tried and true companies that has been in the  80% lower business for a while. They sella  variety of 80% lowers for different platforms and firearms. 

Steel Fox Firearms

Steel Fox Firearms is a great company, and while they do sell a wide assortment of firearms, from a plethora of different handguns like the Glock 19, the Glock 34, and the Glock 17 gen 5. They have a wide variety of 80% lowers for the AR-15 and the polymer 80 Glock builds, as well as jig kits at super low prices. 

What tools do you need for the 80% lower?

There is a range of tools you can use to complete an 80% lower. That is because there are many different materials you can work with that are still suitable for firearms. When it comes to polymer 80% lowers, a simple hand drill, a dremel tool, and a series of sandpaper for deburring purposes is all you really need. This is especially the case with handgun 80% lowers, as they are often made from polymer, a very easy material to work with. 

However, when it comes to 80% lowers made of metal, particularly AR-15 lowers, there is a bit more power required to efficiently mill them out.The main tool used to mill out AR-15 80% lowers is a drill press or milling machine. However, routers tend to be much cheaper, and are also used to finish 80% lowers. That along with the necessary drill bits which are not commonly found in the hardware store, but available online in a series of online shops that sell 80% lowers. Instructions are also necessary for the building of 80% lowers. 

People also use CNC machines to complete 80% lowers, which is by far the most efficient, yet costly method for 

What is an 80 lower jig?

80 lower jigs are devices created to help along with the 80% lower building process. Because most lowers are actually finished with drill presses or routers, jig kits are almost necessary to the completion of an 80% lower if you are not using a CNC machine or “ghost gunner.” Jigs help reduce the margin of error while providing the exact length and width dimensions for the trigger pocket. 

Jig kits are usually made of steel, and encompass a series of plates which are fastened together while the lower is inside. Once securely fastened to a vise grip, it will be ready for the final machining. Drill press jigs are typically a bit easier to work with, however take a bit longer than routers. Both require a certain level of skill to  complete, but drill press finished lowers are known to turn out a little more consistently with less of a skill gap. Router jigs are great for their speed, although it does get a little more difficult because the depth cannot be controlled on the router. There are, however, router-specific jigs which help this minor setback.

Polymer 80 has a polymer jig that comes standard with all of their build kits. All that is needed for these jigs is a hand drill and a dremel to deburr the cut edges of the polymer slide. The jig works great, but is only meant for one time use. No jig can be used indefinitely for multiple lowers, but metal jigs definitely have a longer service life than polymer jigs.

What is a good router for 80% lowers?

Most 80% lowers are made of softer materials, so a heavy duty router is completely unnecessary. Fortunately that means the cost of a suitable router for 80% lowers is not high. The great thing about routers is that they are not all too expensive compared to drill presses either and are very viable, especially considering they can be used along with a jig to produce even better results. 

When looking for a router that is good for AR-15, 80% lowers especially, there are some functions that do stand out to make the process a little easier. Multi speed functions are always good as it will allow you to more carefully mill out sensitive locations. If it includes three bases, a tilt, plunge and offset base, this will help you with the 3 dimensional drilling as typical routers are less effective at this. 

Anything that will help with managing the depth measurement for the lower is crucial as some routers don’t have those capabilities. Therefore some builders must rely on self made precautions which can have mixed results. In order to fix this issue before it begins, finding a router with all of these attributes is crucial. 

How Hard is it to finish an 80% lower?

It really isn’t all that hard to finish an 80% lower. That is because, as long as the 80 lower industries have been out, an exponential amount of products and methods designed to help people with the building process have been devised.

They used to be much harder to complete and required a more serious level of expertise because jigs were made by the people building them, who had access to blueprints. The 80% lower community has thrived as much as it has because of the community of builders surrounding the hobby. This means that with all of the private community knowledge out there, the companies that supply these products have been able to advance to now, when 80% lower buildings are much more common.

80% lowers are also not hard to get into because of the tools required to finish the machining. Most methods of completing lowers rely simply on power tools that are commonly found in the home. Because of this, there is very little cost investment before the building. 

Are 80% lowers more expensive than complete lowers?

The short answer is no. 80% lowers usually turn out cheaper for a few reasons. That is because the machining of an 80% lower is not actually complete, therefore requiring less work than their complete counterparts. Also, complete lowers are usually sold with a brand name engraved on their side, meaning the price is typically higher than that of 80% lowers simply for that reason. 80% lowers are typically bought unbranded, as many people take to engraving their lowers themselves. 

80% are also not considered firearms. That means that, unlike complete lowers, there are no extra costs to the sale of them. Complete lowers are considered firearms and therefore must have a background check go through before they can be released to the owner. Unfortunately, this usually results in extra costs whether there is a federal and/or state background check to be completed. Complete lowers, if purchased online will almost certainly be subjected to a FFL transfer fee as firearms cannot be sent directly to the house of the one buying them. 

80% lowers are usually purchased by those who wish to have a completely custom build. In this way, it is much easier to manage the budget on an 80% lower build rather than a complete build. That is because most completed AR-15s are sold at an MSRP that encpompasses more than just the products on the build itself. So while you might be getting a completely identical build for your complete AR-15, the 80% lower one will likely still be much cheaper. 

Can a felon own an 80% lower?

Whether it is legal for a felon, or whether a felon can, is often the subject of much debate in the country. No matter the state, it is pretty much all encompassing because of federal law that even if a felon is in possession of  an 80% lower it is a crime for them to machine it into a completed lower. That is not because on the federal level, 80% lowers are illegal to felons, rather it is illegal for convicted felons to own firearms in the first place. 

In states like California, New York, and Washington state, it is illegal for those who have been convicted to own firearms as well as 80% lowers. That is, it is illegal in those states for someone to even own receiver blanks in the state. However, this rule does not apply to every state, as there are laws specifically in those states that regulate the sale and ownership of 80% lowers. 

Can I gift an 80% lower?

80% lowers are not considered firearms, therefore in most states it is completely legal to give anyone you want an 80% lower. That is because they are not firearms. However, when an 80% lower is milled out and then turned into a firearm, it must adhere to all of the state and federal laws regulating it as such. When it comes to the transfer of firearms, it is imperative that the transferor and transferee look up the laws regarding the private transfer of firearms. 

In the state of Florida, private transfers of firearms are completely legal. People often do this as there is no need for a federal background check and there is no need for an FFL to be involved. As long as there is a record of the transaction for both parties between themselves, the transfer can proceed like normal. This is especially the case involving the gifting of guns, especially those made from 80% lowers, as it is illegal to sell 80% lower built firearms without an FFL. 

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Are 80% lower receivers reliable?

When it comes to the reliability of 80% lowers, it depends. There are a few ways you can manage the reliability of an 80% lower before the milling process. Making sure you have the proper tools and know-how for the job is first and foremost. While milling out 80 lowers does not take much expertise, there are nuances to the building process that you must adhere to in order to efficiently get it done.

Furthermore, the lower you buy must also be of decent quality right off the bat. This means that choosing the lowest budget for your budget build may actually work towards your detriment. As long as you can guarantee that your 80% lower is either mil spec or of higher quality than mil spec, you are good to go for your milling process.

On the other hand, the reliability of the 80% lower comes completely from the expertise of the builder. Because the company is not there to test fire the completed build for the builder, it is in the hands of the builder to gauge the amount of tweaking that has to be done in order to call the build finished. The process does not end once the milling is finished. In order to make a reliable 80% lower built gun, work has to be done tweaking the build, gauging the accuracy and precision, as well as its resilience to constant firing. 

Why Buy 80% lowers?

80% lowers are a cheap and reliable way to own firearms. When it comes down to it, there is a lot one can learn from simply milling out a piece of metal and then assembling a whole gun like it was a set of legos. On this level, buying 80% lowers, finishing, and then assembling them into functioning firearms is the semblance of a lot of knowledge surrounding the systems that make modern firearms work. Through the process, you will be able to learn about gas systems, fire control groups, bolts, and buffers, etc. 

80% lowers are also much cheaper than complete firearms. When taking into consideration that complete firearms involve more costs, background check fees on both the federal and state level, as well as FFL transfer fees with fluctuating costs, complete firearms turn out to be much more expensive than 80% lowers. People buy 80% lowers because they turn out much cheaper in the long run, as the monetary cost of the gun is transformed into a time investment through the building process of the 80% lower. 

80% lowers are not considered firearms, therefore they can be sent directly to your house with only a shipping fee to worry about. From this point on, they become some of the most customizable guns, as the aftermarket for 80% lowers is far and wide, with advancement to technology of the course of around 3 decades. The 80% lower market prices the individual in this sense, as anyone can make an AR-15, or Polymer 80 glock completely unique and often better than their OEM, brand name counterparts.

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How much should you spend on an AR-15?



How much should you spend on an AR-15

The AR-15 platform is a versatile, modular platform that is easy to use, and fun to shoot. Its takedown is simplistic and makes for easy customization and maintenance. There are a plethora of aftermarket parts and accessories to make use of, in fact so much that one might get overwhelmed at the thought of it. When it comes down to quality assurance, price gauging, and function of your AR15 and its attachments, who knows what the end cost of it will all be. Come to think of it, how much should you spend on an AR-15?

Costs factored into the AR-15?

There are many different things that affect the cost of an AR-15. First: where it is coming from. AR-15s are manufactured by many different companies with many different price tags on them. Brand names are one of the main things that affect the cost of an AR-15 right off the bat. AR-15s made by particular brands like colt, Armalite, S&W are all good examples of prices affected by brand, and while these may be higher than the unbranded, there is a level of quality assurance that comes with brand name builds.

These also hold their value for much longer than typical custom builds, no matter how much money is put into them. As long as the original components are there, then a price close to the market value is still fair to ask when trying to sell it. The same however is not true for custom builds.

Custom builds can start from the ground up or can be made from pre-built ARs. Again, depending on where the build comes from will affect its price, but it works a little different with custom builds. A price for custom builds is closer to the market price for the average AR-15 because there are no brands giving the builds merit in the market. This is not actually a loss though, as 80 lower builds are legally unsellable without an FFL license. Custom builds are meant to be personalized builds with which people can sink their time into. They are made for a particular purpose which also affects its final cost to the builder/shooter. 

80% AR-15 builds usually come out much cheaper because the final milling process is left to the purchaser. There is also no FFL background check fee as the items can be bought and sent directly to the house of the one who made the order. There is also no pesky transfer fee Which is an easy 40- 200 dollar range anywhere in the United States.

States like California have a pretty hefty transfer fee of around $250, but then again, California has made a sport of ignoring the 2nd amendment anyway. 

80% builds are usually cheaper because of these reasons, but that also means that the assembly process must still be done. Assembling the lower parts kit and the upper are very important processes that a beginner may have somewhat of a hard time with. That being said, research needs to be done on both the acquisition of parts and the construction of the AR-15 in question. 

Accessorizing your AR-15?

AR-15s are immensely modular, as stated previously. That essentially means, you can do virtually anything you want, equip anything that can fit on it. And while that freedom is there, it is important to not go overboard with it. This is real life, and building up your AR like a Call of Duty build, while possible, is not practical for everyday use. Typically, more minimal attachments are better as the AR-15 gets a chance to excel at a singular thing, rather than being ok at many things. What does that mean you ask?

Well, A red dot, with a scope, a set of canted sights, a bipod, a foregrip, a flashlight and a laser, might look cool, but everything on the AR adds weight to the build. The AR-15, while light, is still mostly made of metal so it will get tiresome to carry. Furthermore, these attachments would perform better on a build that you can handle better. When it comes down to the science of it, the weight shift caused by so many attachments being equipped at a time severely hinders the accuracy of the gun. The shooter will not be able to maintain an accurate sight picture for as long, and the barrel resonance may be affected, making the accuracy situation especially worse. 

Accessories do not need to be much more than what you need on your AR in order for it to fulfill a certain purpose. You could want it for hunting, marksmanship, competitiion shooting in close quarters, home defense, etc. Knowing what you want to do with your AR-15 is key in keeping the cost of customization  down, yet optimal for you. 

What attachments to buy on a budget?

If you are on a budget, there is obviously less available to you, however, the aftermarket is great for finding budget priced products with decent quality. See, a fancy build is a fancy build and no one can argue against the success of Eotechs and other good brand name optics companies, but it is possible to find knock offs for much cheaper with decent results elsewhere. It is important to be careful with these kinds of things as often depending on the price, you get what you pay for. 

Optics prices range from budget to very high end, but most of the time it is easy to find a good optic for around $200. More expensive optics are available if they are within your budget, but if it is not going to be the focal point of your build, you don’t need to worry about having the best of the best. Often times finding the most reliable thing is the best option for any attachment on the AR-15. Fortunately this does not mean breaking the bank for most items you can buy for an AR-15. 

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Upgrading the internals can be costly though. Upgrading the barrel and the bolt can be hefty as they are seldom cheap in the first place. And as these parts go through most of the damage, cheaping out on these items is not recommended at all. Nickel boron bolts help a lot more, but they cost double as much as a standard nitride bolt. Barrels have a range of prices depending on if it s cold forged, carbon fiber weaved, or fluted. The companies these items comes from also affects the price. However, not all of these fancy items are necessary. 

In an AR-15, built outright you should expect to pay anywhere from 500-700. This will ensure  that you are buying in a realm where quality does not have to be questioned, whether from a specific brand or not. Any lower, and the risk is run of having faulty parts that a beginner level of understanding cannot help. At least $300 should be spent on some basic attachments, magazines and optics. This gives a good range, where most of the after budget can be spent on an optic and some reliable grips/ bipods etc. This can be done over time though, as the building process for the AR-15 never truly ends. Happy Building!

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Can you hunt with an AR-15?



Can you hunt with an AR-15

Hunting, historically one of America’s favorite hobbies, evolving with the times, from bows and arrows, to cross bows, to the first iterations of firearms, to the modern firearms era we have today. Much of hunting has been characterized by its history, and the firearms typically used are that of an older era. While they are still viable, modern hunting has taken a very sharp turn with the AR15. And it just begs the question, can you hunt with one?

Hunting Calibers for the AR-15

America has a set of some pretty famous hunting calibers. The .308 Winchester and .223 Remington are tried and true in their respective facets of the hunting game. .308, a more robust and ballistically capable caliber designed for big game. And the .223 remington, a historic varmint hunting round made for smaller game.  Both of these rounds are usable in the AR platform, but these are not the only calibers out there that are either good for hunting, or are 

What can you add to your AR-15 to make it better for hunting?

Hunting is generally not a mobile activity. In many cases, hunting involves a great deal of patience as even the subtlest of movements can be the determining factor in whether a hunt falls short or the prize buck gets  hit. Other forms of hunting, like hog hunting which has a constant season, enable the hunter to get off more shots because they generally group up, and the laws on hunting hogs is much less strict than with other game animals. Firing on things as big as Oxen doesn’t happen so often, but you can still drop anything with an AR, especially if it is chambered in .308. 

AR-10’s built from .308 rifle kits are nearly perfect for the occasion. The AR platform brings a host of good things to a hunting set up, like magazine capacity, a very nice gas system (if you set it up correctly), and an accurate shot. Its semi-auto capability alone makes it a much more suitable option for hunting than a conventional bolt action made for hunting. And usually, those rifles are only able to fit one attachment, being the scope, which you may hit or miss depending on if the scope came with the rifle you bought it with. In most bolt action hunting rifles, the real price factor is the scope. So don’t be surprised if you purchased a $200 gun with an $800 scope and wonder why your groupings are not optimal. 

The great thing about hunting is that you don’t need to go all out with attachments on your AR. It’s built for it, sure, but hunting really relies on how well you can aim with your rifle. So ensuring that in whatever situation you might be in, that you aim can be as accurate as anything is the single most important thing you should build your set up around. 

Different muzzle devices can help relieve flash, as well as the addition of subsonic ammo and suppressors. The AR platform is capable of chambering the 300 Blackout, which is optimal in set ups with a suppressor. While it doesn’t have the best range, you can definitely take advantage of a quieter shot.

Legalities of Hunting with an AR-15?

The AR-15 is a semi automatic rifle with a  variable magazine capacity. Hunting is not permitted with the standard ammo capacity of the AR-15: 30 rounds per magazine. However, there are smaller magazines suitable for the AR-15 out there to get past this rule. It is important to know if your AR-15 is usable during the season wherever you may be trying to hunt. 

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Is the .223 still legal to hunt with? 

The .223 remington, the standard round of the AR-15 used to be universally usable, especially when hunting deer. However, around the 80s use of the caliber for hunting deer became illegal in some states. .223 is still a viable round for hunting varmints, however you will need to check if it is ok before trying to hunt bigger game. The AR-15 has many more calibers to choose from, the modification of which is not too costly or difficult. In some cases, swapping out uppers, to have a two-in-one gun is the path many take because of how easy it is to swap between builds.

What kind of game can I hunt with an AR?

The thing is, the AR itself cannot be capable of efficiently hunting every type of game out there. There are just too many kinds of animals to hunt that would make any singular build obsolete in comparison to one that was specifically designed for the occasion. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of game you want to hunt with your AR-15 so you can figure out what to chamber it in. 

The .223/5.56 is a great varmint round. While the .223 was originally designed for varmint hunting, the 5.56 is just as capable, and if not a little better. That is because the 5.56 has a bit more pressure into it, slightly upping its ballistics rating compared to the .223. At the end of the day, the .223/5.56 is a .22 caliber, center fire bullet, with a lot of umph in its step. 

The .308 Winchester, which is the standard round of the AR-10, another variant of the AR platform, has traditionally been one of the best rounds for hunting big game. Caribou, deer, ox, bears, elk, etc. are all available to those who want to hunt with the .308 win. However, that is not the only round. As new advancements in ballistics technology are constantly being made, newer additions like the 6.5 grendel and 6.5 creedmoor provide a little more advantage when hunting big game. 

Is the AR platform good for hunting?

The AR-15 was designed to be light, easily modifiable and durable in different environments. While there is debate on how durable it is, it was originally designed as a military weapon. Many people to this day use military implements as hunting tools through the use of sporterization. However, the AR-15 does not need this. Instead, it only needs a budget and some time to get going on the field. Accessories can be equipped and detached very easily for multiple situations, hunting definitely being one of them. The caliber of the AR-15 is fast with a decent range, and is capable of downing almost all deer with a well placed shot. However, more modifications of the upper can see it shooting even big game like elk. The AR-15 is very versatile even in the hunting game. 

The AR-15 brings a simple design and easy modification to the realm of hunting. Especially when it comes to hogs, which have an open season year round, it is very good to make use of the semi auto capabilities to snag more than one score. It is capable of taking many more than its standard caliber, and can be easily made legal to hunt with with minor cost and minor modification. The AR platform itself is perfect for hunting, as the .308 AR10 opens up the big game avenue for the platform. Ballistics wise, the AR is almost all encompassing so it really all depends on if you have one, and if you want to hunt with it. 

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How much does an AR-15 cost?



AR-15 cost

AR-15s are some of the cheapest, readily available firearms on the gun market. For as much as a next gen gaming console, people can walk out of a gun store with a brand new AR15. But there is a range of costs that come along with an AR-15, influenced by the amount of money you want to put in either before or after purchasing one. These can amount to various customization or other upfront costs we will discuss in this article.

Building or Buying an AR-15?

There are inherent benefits to either buying or building an AR-15. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each and how they affect the final cost of an AR-15. 

Building an AR-15 can be done in a number of ways. The term “Franken gun” given to those AR-15s that are a mixture of different brands to create one functioning AR build has been characterized by the ability of customers to build AR-15s from the comfort of their own homes. This involves outsourcing of parts either online or at local gun stores. 

AR-15s can be built from 80 percent lower or stripped lowers. The difference between the two is 80% lowers are not actually considered firearms until after the trigger pocket is milled out. So for a transaction like this, there is no  federal background check. A stripped lower is legally considered a firearm and is therefore subject to the laws of transfers of firearms. 

AR-15 uppers can be bought pre-assembled making it easy for a streamlined building process, and build kits can also be bought, giving customers the ability to build with all the parts they need right in front of them, no outsourcing required. 

AR-15s that are built can typically come out a little cheaper because the building process, parts, accessories, can all be controlled by the owner. However, while parts can be cheaper to acquire, quality control must also happen on more minute parts of the gun. A decent level of research must be done before sourcing parts for an AR-15 build in order to ensure a quality build. While AR-15s are not the hardest to assemble, there is still a level of knowledge and expertise one should have when trying to finish one of these in order to avoid catastrophic failure due to lack of knowledge or experience. 

Buying an AR-15 is usually most people’s first thought when  looking for a gun, especially for beginners. The platform is easy to use and likely familiar as it is a popular platform seen in may modern games. The armed forces of the United States also use a firearm of the same platform. Needless to say, the AR-15 is quite apparent in many forms of media and is used practically so many people’s go to guns. 

Buying one is not hard, and can usually entail a bit better quality control as opposed to building one. That is because the company handles all of the aspects of the quality control testing of the AR, whereas in building, that must be done by the person sourcing and building the gun. However, while the quality control is usually never something to worry about, there are disadvantages to the price one might pay when outright buying an AR-15.

The price is therefore affected by the brands name, extra fees for background checks and/or transfer fees which vary between states and FFL dealers. Buying does not give you as much control as building, but can pan out for more even results if you are not proficient at building. The costs of either building or buying an AR-15 both depend on where the parts, builds are from, but buying a gun inherently comes with extra fees that building from an 80% lower can forgo. 

What influences the cost of an AR-15?

The cost of an AR-15 is not simply what it was purchased for. Oftentimes, people look for accessories or dedicated overhauls to make their builds perform the way they want. While many people don’t think about this, especially first time gun owners, the cost of an AR-15 does not end after its purchase. You see, many ARs come quite plain, as in they may not even have optics or sights on them. 

Oftentimes, even with build kits, you may want to opt for better internals, accessories, and other items to make your build the way you want it. All these things factor into the final cost of your AR-15. So while you can simply walk in or do a quick google search, knowing exactly what you want to get out of the AR-15 when you buy it may lead you down a path that may be more costly. 

Ammunition costs change the cost of the gun. The AR-15 is not a standalone platform. There are modifications to the platform which allow it to shoot pistol calibers or full length rifle calibers. Knowing exactly what caliber you want your AR to be is important, because the AR-15 might not be the platform you need, but instead maybe an AR-9 or an AR-10.

If you are building your AR-15 from an 80% lower receiver, but do not have the tools to do the machining, there may be a lot more up front cost than you anticipated. End mills and routers, while the cheaper options for building are still not cheap if you don’t already have one or the need for one. A hand drill may suffice, but does require  a bit more time and expertise to complete. Getting this done by someone else may incur more of a cost to you.

The cost of an AR-15 is not merely a monetary investment, but a time investment as well. Because the  AR-15 is designed so basically, it behooves anyone who owns one to really learn its nuances. The AR-15 is a very versatile platform,  but to be made optimal for the shooter, it take learning the fundamentals of its systems. 

How to buy an AR-15?

AR-15s are not elusive in the slightest. In fact, its hard not to find a new company trying to sell its one of a kind AR-15 to you, even though it has an assembly of parts that really everyone has access to. Online is outright the best way to acquire an AR-15. That is because the internet links customers to a broader market of AR-15 parts and accessories with different materials, finishes, colors, and calibers, unlike anything you might be able to find in a walk in store. When buying an 80% lower AR-15 the items can be sent directly to your house with nothing more than just the shipping and handling fee. Buying complete firearms online is still possible, however the items will then be sent to an FFL dealer to process the background check you will legally have to take in order for it to be released to you. This process can typically take a little longer, but if the parts are outsourced then it will not be much different after that, than buying an 80% build kit.

There are many factors that dictate the cost of an AR-15. There are budget builds, high end builds, and a near unlimited range of accessories makes for a field day for those who are well versed in the assembly process of the AR-15 platform. But for those who aren’t getting into it is fairly easy because of the simplistic design of the AR-15 that invites the challenge whether you build one or buy one. Just remember that along with the financial cost of the gun comes also a time investment that will see you become an expert armorer in not time. 

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Trump Mocks LeBron James’s Intelligence and Calls Don Lemon ‘Dumbest Man’ on TV



lebron james

President Trump lashed out at the basketball star LeBron James in a scathing attack on Twitter on Friday night after Mr. James criticized the president in an interview on CNN.

In a wide-ranging interview with Don Lemon, an anchor on CNN, Mr. James spoke about a school for at-risk children that he recently helped open in his hometown, Akron, Ohio, in a partnership between his philanthropic foundation and the city’s public schools. During the interview on Monday, he also said Mr. Trump was using sports to divide the country.

The interview was aired again on Friday night, and Mr. Trump responded on Twitter shortly after, insulting Mr. James’s intelligence and that of Mr. Lemon.

“Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon,” Mr. Trump wrote. “He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”

The reference to “Mike” appeared to be Mr. Trump’s way of taking sides in the debate over who is the greatest basketball player of all time: Mr. James or Michael Jordan.

Through a representative, Mr. Jordan told reporters: “I support L.J. He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

Mr. Trump has often heralded his own I.Q. and has questioned the intelligence of others, including Jon Stewart and George W. Bush.

His tweet about Mr. James and Mr. Lemon came days after he declared at a campaign rally that Representative Maxine Waters of California, a Democrat who is black, had a “very low I.Q.”

The latest attacks, directed at prominent black people, appeared to widen the racial divide that Mr. James spoke about on CNN.

“I would like to know why he considers these two successful black men ‘dumb,’” Torrey Smith, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, said on Twitter. “I know why.”

Mr. Trump made his comment a day before a scheduled appearance on Saturday night in Ohio — home of the Cleveland Cavaliers and many LeBron James fans — to campaign for Troy Balderson, a state senator who is running in a special election for the House of Representatives.

Mr. Lemon came to Mr. James’s defense on Saturday morning, tweeting: “Who’s the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?” He added the hashtag #BeBest, a reference to an initiative by the first lady, Melania Trump, that aims to help children.

Stephanie Grisham, Ms. Trump’s communications director, said in a statement: “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the first lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”

Ms. Grisham added that Ms. Trump would be open to visiting Mr. James’s new school in Akron.

During the CNN interview, Mr. James said conversations about race had “taken over” in part because “our president is kind of trying to divide us.” “Kind of?” Mr. Lemon said, followed by a chuckle.

“He is,” Mr. James said. “He’s dividing us.”

Mr. James said his involvement in sports was the first time “I ever was around someone white,” adding, “And I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them and they got an opportunity to learn about me, and we became very good friends.”

Mr. James has been critical of the president in the past. Last September he called Mr. Trump a “bum” after the president appeared to disinvite the N.B.A. championship-winning Golden State Warriors from a traditional White House visit because one of their stars, Stephen Curry, criticized Mr. Trump.

“U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going!” Mr. James wrote on Twitter. “So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!”

In June, before Mr. James left the Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers, Mr. Curry and Mr. James united during the N.B.A. finals to say that they would boycott the White House.

“I know whoever wins this series, no one wants an invite,” Mr. James said at the time. Afterward, Mr. Trump announced that neither team was invited.

On Monday, the same day as the CNN interview, Mr. James told ESPN that he felt compelled to speak out about the Trump administration.

“For someone to try to divide us by using our platform of sport?” he said. “Sport has given me everything I could ever ask for. I couldn’t let that happen.”

Mr. Trump’s tweet on Saturday was swiftly condemned by many on social media, including Dan Rather, the former CBS News anchor, who said the president’s words were racist.

“This is apparently what the President of the United States feels the need to share with the world at what should be long past his bedtime? It’s a disgrace. It’s racist. And it’s the product of petty but dangerous hatreds,” Mr. Rather wrote. “I repeat this is the PRESIDENT??!?”

Numerous current and former N.B.A. players also denounced the president’s tweet.

As of Saturday morning, Mr. James remained silent on the matter.

By late Saturday morning, the president had moved on, and was wishing the Coast Guard a happy birthday on Twitter.

A version of this article appears in print on , on Page SP5 of the New York edition with the headline: Trump, Answering Rebuke, Mocks James’s Intelligence. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe

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More Than 100 Former Ohio State Students Allege Sexual Misconduct



head coach

The university at the time required that athletes submit to a physical, administered by Dr. Strauss, before being allowed to compete, “which meant that systematic sexual abuse from Dr. Strauss was inevitable,” the lawsuit said.

Wrestlers who have spoken about the abuse have said that the doctor’s conduct during physicals was an open secret in the locker room, with athletes referring to him as “Dr. Jellypaws.”

The pair of lawsuits collectively detail three separate episodes spanning two decades in which athletes spoke out about the doctor’s conduct: The captain of the wrestling team complained to another doctor at the student health center; another wrestler complained to the head coach; and two wrestlers confronted the athletic director.

The head coach at the time, Russ Hellickson, has denied that he knew about the abuse, but he said he did confront Mr. Strauss about lingering too long in the showers with the wrestlers.

News reports cited in the lawsuit also detail how the facility where wrestlers practiced, Larkins Hall, was home to a “cesspool of deviancy,” in which men affiliated with the university would ogle athletes in the showers.

Stephen Estey, a lawyer representing four former wrestlers who have filed a lawsuit against the university, said on Friday that he was getting “inundated” with calls from people saying they had been abused by Dr. Strauss. He expects that an additional 20 to 25 plaintiffs will join the lawsuit, and that hundreds of former students will eventually come forward.

“There were many red flags that O.S.U. ignored,” Mr. Estey said, pointing to reports that athletes at the time complained about the doctor’s misconduct. “By not taking any action at the time, O.S.U. exposed hundreds of kids to his abuse.”

Mr. Jordan and his ardent denials of misconduct have thrust the tight-knit Ohio wrestling community into the national news media, and into disarray. Eight former wrestlers, including a former Ultimate Fighting Champion celebrity, have publicly accused Mr. Jordan of knowing about the abuse, but a platoon of former wrestlers and coaches has come to his support, drawing battle lines among some members of the community.

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10 Of The Most Beautiful Female Golfers In a World



10 Of The Most Beautiful Female Golfers In a World

Many more think it is to become a bit slow or dull to look at on Television though some people love watching tennis on the lazy weekend. Through the years we’ve seen several qualified players with friends or gorgeous wives, but it is possible to find some hot female players too when you browse around a little. All heard about Natalie Gulbis, and Paula Creamer has become more of the family name lately.

This list contains several female players who mightn’t get lots of events, along with a large amount of these girls are simply starting out out within their jobs. As the most of these girls mightn’t create a lot of cash or become renowned and wealthy like a professional player, when they enter performing or modeling and use their beauty, they could certainly create a good living for themselves.

10. DanielleMontgomery

Danielle Montgomery isn’t an excellent player. The English born player currently lives in Australia and her greatest state to fame was her photo shoot for that 2009 Ladies of Professional Golf Diary where she seemed naked in a tub filled with baseballs (a tribute to Australian player Jan Stephenson who did an identical present in 1986). Pro turned in 2007 and it has not gained something to talk about. This blonde bombshell rests by shopping or having a warm bath. She hardly makes anything like a skilled, but looks good doing this.

9. Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila Nicollet it has also displayed her home-country in international competition and increased and was created in India. She used golf at 11 yrs old and gained her first event at 15. At 18 she turned the newest Indian player to actually be eligible for the Ladies European Tour and chose to turn pro. She it has 11 victories on that visit and won the 2009-10 Purchase of Value about the Women’s Golf Association of India. You might not get to determine a lot of Sharmila enjoying tennis on Television, but she’s truly worth searching for on the web.

8. Maria Verchenova

Verchenova contains the difference to become the initial European participant to become a fulltime person in the Ladies European Tour. She’s gained Slovenian Amateur Championships, and European, Austrian, Latvian. Betty joined Moscow State University of Activity and started golfing at 12 yrs old. Verchenova finished tied for next in the HONMA Pilsen Golf Masters in 2013. Nancy was once offered as saying “I usually prefer to provide anything extra special towards the course if I’m wearing sexier fashionable things like perhaps a good football or a shorter dress – individuals and style gown notice People noticed.

7. Demi Runas

Expert in 2015 turned, which means you might not have heard about her yet. Demi began golfing when she was just four years of age and played in the age of eight in events. Runas practices yoga retain in shape and to assist her round of golf. Demi says that her only tennis superstition is transforming her basketball every six holes. Under $15-thousand she gained only in her rookie year, so she might want to consider supplementing her career with modeling.

6. Cheyenne Woods

No, Cheyenne Woods isn’t Tiger’s new spouse; she’s really the famous golfer’s relative. Cheyenne’s father Earl is Lion Wood’s half brother, and her first tennis instructor was her grandfather Earl Woods. She it has gone onto get over 30 amateur tournaments and played tennis at Wake Forest University. Woods made pro in 2012 and won the ACC Tournament in 2011. She joined the LPGA Tour in 2015 as well as the Ladies European Trip in 2013, getting only the sixth African American girl to do this.

5. Valeria Ochoa 

When she was five years old Ochoa was created in Colombia and moved to Florida. Just six years of age she decided she won the South American Championship and she desired to be considered a professional player. After having three kids Valeria worked as an instructor and chose to consider the sport back-up after which started and served because the representative of the junior golf school. Ochoa was presented on Big Break VII and on the truth Television series The Big Break III: Ladies in 2005. In 2008 she launched an attractive tennis schedule, and Ochoa has become the revenue tennis director at Turnberry Isle in Miami.

4. Sandra Gal 

Sandra Woman might have a dull title, but your regular woman is truly isn’ted by her. Sandra starting golfing just five years old and was created in Germany. Woman won four occasions and played golf in the University of Florida and was called an All American. Sandra won the Kia Classic in 2011 and joined the LPGA Tour in 2008. Woman finished 3rd in the U.S. Women’s Start in 2012 and was ranked #33 that year.

3. Blair O’Neal 

When she was signed up for a junior tennis center with her brother Blair got her start at 11 yrs old. At 13 yrs old she began playing for that American Junior Golf Association. Professional in 2004 turned and arranged her first modeling work round the same time. O’Neal won the reality Television series Big Break: Dominican Republic and it has broadly been identified on her beauty. Brooke was presented within the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model 3 times.

2. Meghan Hardin

Hardin isn’t a well known player, but she played about Big Break NFL and the reality Television series Big Break Atlantis. She was really the newest player about the sequence just 19 yrs old. Meghan was the first woman to create her senior school men’s tennis team. She became chief of the cheerleading team and of this group in the same time. Hardin it has had sponsorships with Tiffany Shades and Ralph Lauren and has performed about the LPGA Symetra Visit as well as the Cactus Visit. She also operates like a broker in Lake Arrowhead, California and was the 2014 Calendar Woman for Wilson.

1. Kathleen Ekey

Kathleen Ekey and tennis played at the University of Al as well as Furman University. Last year she joined the Futures Tour and turned professional. Ekey completed first about the money list in 2011 and was the Tour’s Person of the Entire Year. Kathleen has gained about $88 thousand pounds over her profession but can generate much more if she experienced modeling or maybe hosting a display About The Golf Channel. Ekey lives in Tuscaloosa, Al and includes a close connection with her mom.

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The Best Nutrition For Young Athletes



Nutrition For Young Athletes

The success of a player with the sport specific skills like endurance, strength, speed and power are necessary for accurate and rapid performance. With this a balanced diet will help the body to perform the physical activity at its best.

Nutrition for injured athletes

Poor nutrition can lead to conditions that increase the risk of injury. But injuries are often an unavoidable aspect when participating in physical activity. An injury can be particularly distressing for the eating-disordered athlete. Psychological support is important. No change in diet is necessary when a quick recovery is expected.

There is a need in modification of food intake when an injury limits activity for less than a week. The need to reduce food intake is necessary to meet lower energy needs, if recovery is expected to take longer than a week.Long-term recovery may require an absoulte reduced diet.

Surgical trauma, fever, or infection requires dietary changes. In these cases, protein intake should be increased during the early stages of recovery, because protein repair damaged tissues.

Protein is important for immune function. If a slow recovery is expected, the injury might cause significant emotional stress. Fear, anxiety, and anger are all typical reactions to injury. These emotions can increase the secretion of epinephrine (adrenaline) from the adrenal gland. This in turn can cause a series of metabolic changes that result in increased loss of nitrogen (protein) through the urine.

In general, the importance of psychological support for injured athletes varies depending on length of recovery and injury severity. Anxiety about the injury might lead to increased food cravings, more free time and less structure in the daily routine can lead to boredom and increases opportunities to eat more and it may result in weight gain. Some injured athletes simply do not adjust their energy needs and continue to follow their typical training diet.

Nutritional need while travelling

Maintaining good nutritional practices while traveling to and from events may affect an athlete’s health and athletic success.

A slightly lower carbohydrate and higher protein intake for strength athletes (40–48% carbohydrate, 20–26% protein, and 34% fat),stress the importance of eating natural and whole foods.

Sports nutrition experts recommend that athletes should have multiple small meals per day (five or six feedings). Traveling with snacks helps to insure that caloric needs are being met, despite unpredictable travel delays. Fresh vegetables and fruits, fruit smoothie, energy bars, nuts, bagels,and raisins are suggested to carry while traveling.

Eating Strategies 

Strength Sports [weightlifting, powerlifting, throwing events, 100-200 m sprints, body building]:

  • Intake of a surplus of carbohydrate to support levels of high lean mass, not excessive amounts of protein (20-25 g) soon after resistance workouts.
  • Consume low fat food to avoid unnecessarily risk rather than unsaturated fat. Adopt a suitable method if weight loss is required to achieve the targets.
  • For athletes participating in throwing and sprinting events it’s better to keep them hydrated with adequate fluids if time between events exist. Always it’s cautioned to take the advice to supplement use.

Endurance sports [Marathon, triathlon, road cycling]:

  • Consume adequate carbohydrate, high quality protein and fluids for rehydration to promote muscle adaptation and support during the prolonged training sessions.For events lasting longer than 90 minutes, consider carbohydrate loading over the 2-3 days prior to the race.
  • Can start with a pre-race meal,hydrate during the race. Take care for specialized training phases such as altitude training, it may have fluid loss and iron requirements. Consult the nutritionist for the use of sports food and supplements to take forward the goals to be achieved.

Power sports [Middle distance running, track cycling, rowing canoeing/kayaking and swimming]:

  • Supplements that power athletes might go for being intracellular (ß-alanine) and extracellular (bicarbonate).
  • Better to consult the expert before taking the food supplements. If there are heats and finals in the events and competing in more than one event, then suggested to access with fluids and foods between races.

Aesthetic and weight class sports [figure skating, gymnastics, diving combating sportsFind Article, lightweight rowing]:

  • To meet the energy expenditure take high quality protein over the day so that you maximize your ability to meet nutritional goals.
  • Go for weight and body fat goals that are achievable and support long-term health and performance.


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Exciting Activities for a Successful Duck Hunting Trip




In order to explore things and relieve your stress, you should always try new activities in life. Hunting ducks has become a source of recreation but does not require skills to succeed.

Duck hunting New Orleans area is an exhilarating experience and can be enjoyed by elderly as well as young people. If you want to seek adventure and experience different activities, New Orleans duck hunting trip is one of the things that you should pursue.

Though hunting as a sport requires patience, duck hunting charters in New Orleans will provide an extremely exciting experience. Duck hunting New Orleans area can be done in water and on the field. The success in hunting duck on land is lower than in water as ducks are found in ponds, lakes, rivers or oceans. So, if you are comfortable in going in middle of the water, you will be mesmerized with this wonderful experience. New Orleans duck hunting trip involves waterfowl hunting which is one of the most trickiest form of hunting. It requires proper tools, equipments and license. So if you are a beginner and don’t have any knowledge about hunting and shooting, you should take assistance from duck hunting charters in New Orleans.

The best part duck hunting charters in New Orleans is that you can enjoy it even if you have no experience or prior knowledge about duck hunting. While duck hunting New Orleans area, you will come across many species such as gadwall, widgeon, redhead, bufflehead, mallards, pintails and more. New Orleans duck hunting trip can also include fishing as a part of it and includes coastal fishing for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, drum, sheep head and bass. It also involves hunting on boat and on other water transports that will create a lifetime experience. So, New Orleans duck hunting trip will help you learn about hunting, fishing and shooting in a most effective way.

Duck hunting charters in New Orleans offers you a customized hunting experience with giving you memories that you will keep for life. Duck hunting New Orleans area will escort you to the wilderness, experiencing the beauty of nature and also get you know your inner hunter. Inshore, offshore, bow fishing, red fishing and also guided duck hunts are the specialty of duck hunting charters in New Orleans. You will also come across variety of fish and sea creatures on your trip. Whether you are looking for company or guidance or getting involved in most attractive outdoor activities, duck hunting New Orleans area is what you should look for. So as to have a thrilling and spectacular adventureArticle Submission, New Orleans duck hunting trip will surely fulfill your dream.

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Tips To Make Dragon Boating Super Thrilling



Dragon boating is fast gaining popularity among the water sports lovers. First, the game was played to ward off the evil spirit but now people play the game for enjoyment and fitness.

Dragon boating is fast gaining popularity among the water sports lovers. First, the game was played to ward off the evil spirit but now people play the game for enjoyment and fitness. The game is useful to gain fitness by burning lots of calories during the game. It is a good exercise for the upper part of the body and also involves stomach and legs. During the racing, the paddlers need lots of energy to paddle at the regular interval to win quickly. In the game, the riders learn important values of life like teamwork, coordination, and make life-long friends. This is why the game not only promotes excitement but increases the fitness of the body.

Training to Prepare for the Dragon Boat Racing

In the dragon boating festivals, several teams participate in the game. To be successful paddlers, it is essential to practice for the game before to increase stamina and energy level. It requires a good amount of exercises in the gym to acquire the desired stamina. The instructors offer advice and training to prepare mentally and physically for the game.

Good practices are essential for developing expertise in paddling a dragon boat. It requires good teamwork, coordination, and practices for developing the stamina. Before the race, the paddlers need to practice in the dragon boating to develop skills of paddling effectively. The practice can be done on flat water, seas and other water bodies.

Use of Paddles for Rowing the Boat

Paddles are used in rowing the dragon boat by the riders. In dragon boat, many people sit in a pair to propel the boat in the forward direction. There are sports paddle manufacturers available in the market for the riders. But, it is essential to buy the paddles looking the qualities nicely in the market.

The paddles are used in rowing the boating during the racing. The paddles are made from different materials but not all aren’t good for the paddling. The common materials used in the paddles are aluminum, woods, glass fiber, and carbon fiber. But, the paddles made from the carbon fiber has become the favorite for the users these days.

Ideal Dragon Boat Paddles

Dragon boating needs lots of energy and stamina for the riders. Using a heavy paddle in the rowing tires the arm during the game. It is essential to choose a light, strong, and stiff paddles to use in the paddling effectively. This is why users need to buy dragon boat paddles after observing these qualities increase enjoyment during the paddling. The paddles made from the carbon fiber are considered the best in quality and used to make the game thrilling. It is essential to select the paddles with the good shaft length to make the paddling the easy and less tiring.

Top Accessories of Dragon Boating

Safety of the participants needs to be taken special care in the dragon boating. The game is injuries prone but can be made safe using good accessories. Buy dragon boat accessories analyzing the qualities and use in the game. The main accessories used in the boating are paddle cover, blade and it covers, leg cell phone cover, dragon guard, rowing machine seatScience Articles, and dragon boat seat pad. Buy top quality accessories from this portal at affordable prices of the market now.

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