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Daytona Business Networking Mixer A Huge Success!



When it comes to business networking, it’s important to remember you’re not an island.

Every good business owner knows that, to be successful, you’ve got to reach out to the people around you. That’s why organizations like the Port Orange South Daytona chamber of commerce exist. To give local businesses access to each other, for better, more effective corporate networking.

It’s with this in mind that Friday morning’s Chamber of Commerce meet and greet at Journey Fitness was such a welcome venture, for members and non-members alike.

Business Networking 101

Chamber Of Commerce Mixer: A Huge Success

The Port Orange South Daytona Chamber of Commerce added a little pump to its biweekly Morning Mix & Mingle sessions, this Friday. Packing out the offices of Journey Fitness with local representatives, the business association gave guests a place to mingle.

Daytona Beach realtor, Jennifer Withers, summed the entire event up neatly with an on-the-mic comment early on, saying, “I’m looking forward to getting to know everybody, and if I can share any experiences or help, I’m here, so please ask.”

Guests do exactly these two things: meet other businesses and offer their services. Representatives trade business cards, shake hands, and make lasting professional connections. It’s a business networking goldmine, to say the least, and a great opportunity for everyone in attendance.

Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas can be a great location for business, tourism, and all the glorious networking that goes with them. In the words of 2018 Chairman of the Board, Dr. James Young, “This year is all about connecting our communities here, and doing business with our communities as well.”

A Little More About The Event And Journey Fitness

The event is an outreach program set up by the chamber and works like a playing field for self-promotion and networking. Also worth noting is that Friday’s iteration was also a massive success, drawing more than 70 representatives from local businesses. Members and non-members alike traded stories and networked in the well-appointed gym over coffee, donuts and raffle tickets.

To quote Dr. Young: “This business is a real success story, so go ahead and listen.” Journey Fitness, owned and operated by Mary Hall and Rich Boyd, is a personal training center that works on a one-on-one, reservations-only basis. Qualified trainers manage clients directly, and given the unique attention, they need to get in shape. They also currently boast over a hundred clients.

Boyd, thanking the chamber members and visitors for coming out to the meeting, had this to say: “Each of you here has inspired us. We love to give back to the community, but you guys have set the example. We really appreciate that – we’re glad that you’re here.”

The Morning Mix & Mingle has two main goals. Firstly, it offers attendees an opportunity to network with each other, trading business cards and exchanging information in an open and safe environment. Hosts handed out prizes. There were photo ops and introductions, and, most importantly, a lot of likeminded businesses were introduced to each other.

Business Networking: Do Business Better

There’s an old saying: “It takes a village to raise a child”. If your business is your “baby”, it’s important to know who lives in your village. Once you know this, you can look for opportunoties to help each other raise your children.

The Port Orange/South Daytona Chamber of Commerce Mix & Mingle takes place twice a year and is one of many business networking events the group holds throughout the year. For more information, get in touch with them today, and enhance your business, and the businesses around you.

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Bitcoin Forum Community (BTC News & More)



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In this article we will go over which Bitcoin Forum is the best and has most active and beneficial community out there.

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BitcoinTalk forum concentrates on the following:

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1. Bitcoin’s creator could be worth about $9 billion today

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What you may not know is that this creator was the sole bitcoin miner for the first 10 days of bitcoin’s existence, and all of these original coins (often called “Satoshi coins”) remain unused. In fact, it’s a verifiable fact that there are about 1 million bitcoins in wallets known to be linked to bitcoin’s creator. Based on the bitcoin price as of this writing, that translates to more than $9.3 billion worth of the digital currency.

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There are several conflicting opinions about bitcoin (BTC-USD) by major players in the financial world. For example, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon both believe bitcoin is destined to fail, while people like the Winklevoss twins and Jack Dorsey think bitcoin is the future of money. However, there’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on. Whether bitcoin goes up or down over the long run, there’s likely to be lots of volatility along the way.

So, if you want to invest in bitcoin, but the massive price swings scare you (bitcoin rose by 30% in April, in a relatively calm month for cryptocurrencies), the best way to go may be through a stock or two that stand to benefit if bitcoin continues to gain traction.

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The best Bitcoin Forum to join is Cryptointalk. This Bitcoin Forum community bring together the largest netowrking opportunity for every Bitcoin interested investor. Community is super active and shares very valuable information for free. Bitcoin Forum on cryptointalk also covers Bitcoin trading, BTC news and free education.

Out of all the Bitcoin forums that are out there this Bitcoin Forum is the most simplest and most modern, it’s super user friendly and gives you the fill that you are part of the platform without any problems.


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