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Cap$ Capozzoli: Coming Back To Life.



Caps Capozzoli: Coming Back To Life

Hip-hop is one of those musical genres where the lifestyle is, famously, as important as the music itself. Whatever subgenre you fall into, people want to hear you rapping earnestly about it in order for them to muster up half a hot damn.

And they respond to it because it sounds like an authentic piece of that lifestyle. Meaning that, when 2 Chainz gets arrested in Oklahoma City for obstruction of justice, his credibility as a rapper shoots through the roof because we trust him more, now. He’s more valuable to us as a rapper if we think he could be hiding in our trunk with a gun and some duct tape, waiting to punk a beat cop.

His music could be produced by a time-traveling Rick Rubin with the help of God himself, but it’s that sweet street cred that we value most of all.

Which is tough because, honestly, not everybody can come from slinging dope, rolling deep, and / or smoking indo, whether sipping on gin and juice or not. A lot of rappers have to embellish parts of their life to write convincingly. When they say they got taken in for dealing, what they mean is their moms took away their XBox for stealing Baby Aspirin out of the medicine cabinet. When they claim “the streets were hard”, they mean the road was physically solid, and they had to wear extra soft shoes on their two-minute walk home from school.

Not everybody gets the kinds of credentials we value in rappers. Not everybody can claim to have dealt drugs, or nearly died, or even started their own businesses.

But Caps Capozzoli can.

A Climb Out Of Somewhere Dark

During our fifteen minute interview, Cap$ told me about his upbringing as a troubled youth, starting down a struggling path of questionable decisions, big money, and Florida cliches. “I was in and out of trouble since the time I was fourteen years old, for selling drugs. You know, just basic South Florida shit.”

His move up to Daytona Beach, at the insistence of his family, to “calm down” in 2011 kicked off a period of ups and downs for him that would last for the next four years. Bouncing between his burgeoning tree service and a few brushes with the law, Cap$ walked a tightrope between legitimate business and his past as a drug dealer. The business would develop, then take a hit because of legal matters. It would do better than ever before, then he’d lose everything except the name. The 90s pop-rap crossover that is this period in his life would be Paula Abdul and Mc Scat Cat singing “Two steps forward, and two steps back.”

Then, an unexpected tragedy.

And, by that, I mean an impressively tragic tragedy.

“I died.”

Cap$ was admitted to hospital in 2015 having accidentally overdosed (though this may have been an unintended poisoning – more on that in future episodes the rollercoaster of this man’s life). His heart had already stopped once by the time paramedics got to him, but it was in the hospital, when it stopped a second time, that doctors had to save him.

“After an experience like that,” he says, “I just realized that everything from then on was bonus time, and I had to maximize it.”

Capozoli, who’d had experience with hip-hop for years preceding this, began a long, slow, painful recovery process that ultimately lead him to pursuing a career as a rapper. But there was one problem. “When I came to,” he explains, “The doctors didn’t think I’d be able to walk again.”

Given that he was sitting across from me without any crutches, wheelchair, or other walking aid, a mere three years later, I assumed that wasn’t the case. I was right. As it turns out, years and months of intensive corrective physiotherapy and exercise can work miracles, and prove doctors of all walks of life wrong.

Cap$: Looking Ahead

Which brings us neatly to his current venture. “We’ve put together a series of songs and music videos that will be released over the course of the next year. The first one being ‘Broward County’.”

Cap$, who’s consistently released great music in the interim years since his accident, was excited to share this news with us. And why shouldn’t he be? The man’s only died twice to get here. “I’m very grateful, you know? Very blessed. This is crazy! That’s really just it: it’s crazy.”

We’ll be watching eagerly for his upcoming releases and, with a backstory like that, hoping he gets everything he’s worked so hard to get. Get it, Cap$!


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Frоm thе beach, these revelers gо tо clubs аt night to party. Thе сlubѕ take thiѕ opportunity tо rake in ѕаlеѕ bу оrgаnizing еxсiting асtivitiеѕ tоо. Lately however, thеrе have been оrdinаnсеѕ thаt limit some of the асtivitiеѕ оf ѕрring brеаk. They hаvе not spoiled thе fun for ѕtudеntѕ whо continue tо go tо Dауtоnа Beach fоr раrtуing, even if there are mоrе rulеѕ thаn thеrе used to be.


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