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Cap$ Capozzoli: Coming Back To Life.



Cap$ Capazolli: Money

Caps Capozzoli: Coming Back To Life

Hip-hop is one of those musical genres where the lifestyle is, famously, as important as the music itself. Whatever subgenre you fall into, people want to hear you rapping earnestly about it in order for them to muster up half a hot damn.

And they respond to it because it sounds like an authentic piece of that lifestyle. Meaning that, when 2 Chainz gets arrested in Oklahoma City for obstruction of justice, his credibility as a rapper shoots through the roof because we trust him more, now. He’s more valuable to us as a rapper if we think he could be hiding in our trunk with a gun and some duct tape, waiting to punk a beat cop.

His music could be produced by a time-traveling Rick Rubin with the help of God himself, but it’s that sweet street cred that we value most of all.

Which is tough because, honestly, not everybody can come from slinging dope, rolling deep, and / or smoking indo, whether sipping on gin and juice or not. A lot of rappers have to embellish parts of their life to write convincingly. When they say they got taken in for dealing, what they mean is their moms took away their XBox for stealing Baby Aspirin out of the medicine cabinet. When they claim “the streets were hard”, they mean the road was physically solid, and they had to wear extra soft shoes on their two-minute walk home from school.

Not everybody gets the kinds of credentials we value in rappers. Not everybody can claim to have dealt drugs, or nearly died, or even started their own businesses.

But Caps Capozzoli can.

A Climb Out Of Somewhere Dark

During our fifteen minute interview, Cap$ told me about his upbringing as a troubled youth, starting down a struggling path of questionable decisions, big money, and Florida cliches. “I was in and out of trouble since the time I was fourteen years old, for selling drugs. You know, just basic South Florida shit.”

His move up to Daytona Beach, at the insistence of his family, to “calm down” in 2011 kicked off a period of ups and downs for him that would last for the next four years. Bouncing between his burgeoning tree service and a few brushes with the law, Cap$ walked a tightrope between legitimate business and his past as a drug dealer. The business would develop, then take a hit because of legal matters. It would do better than ever before, then he’d lose everything except the name. The 90s pop-rap crossover that is this period in his life would be Paula Abdul and Mc Scat Cat singing “Two steps forward, and two steps back.”

Then, an unexpected tragedy.

And, by that, I mean an impressively tragic tragedy.

“I died.”

Cap$ was admitted to hospital in 2015 having accidentally overdosed (though this may have been an unintended poisoning – more on that in future episodes the rollercoaster of this man’s life). His heart had already stopped once by the time paramedics got to him, but it was in the hospital, when it stopped a second time, that doctors had to save him.

“After an experience like that,” he says, “I just realized that everything from then on was bonus time, and I had to maximize it.”

Capozoli, who’d had experience with hip-hop for years preceding this, began a long, slow, painful recovery process that ultimately lead him to pursuing a career as a rapper. But there was one problem. “When I came to,” he explains, “The doctors didn’t think I’d be able to walk again.”

Given that he was sitting across from me without any crutches, wheelchair, or other walking aid, a mere three years later, I assumed that wasn’t the case. I was right. As it turns out, years and months of intensive corrective physiotherapy and exercise can work miracles, and prove doctors of all walks of life wrong.

Cap$: Looking Ahead

Which brings us neatly to his current venture. “We’ve put together a series of songs and music videos that will be released over the course of the next year. The first one being ‘Broward County’.”

Cap$, who’s consistently released great music in the interim years since his accident, was excited to share this news with us. And why shouldn’t he be? The man’s only died twice to get here. “I’m very grateful, you know? Very blessed. This is crazy! That’s really just it: it’s crazy.”

We’ll be watching eagerly for his upcoming releases and, with a backstory like that, hoping he gets everything he’s worked so hard to get. Get it, Cap$!



2018 Daytona Bike Week 77th Anniversary Goes Wild



Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Beach celebrates its 77th Bike Week Anniversary this week. Thousands of bikers from all over the United States headed to the heart of the celebration at Main Street in Daytona Beach. This is by all means one of Daytona’s biggest boost in the local economy. Planning on making your way to Daytona Bike Week? Here are some tips that can come handy.

Daytona Beach is located on the central East Coast of Florida. It is 88 miles south of Jacksonville and 60 miles northeast of Orlando.

Bike Week centers around the Daytona 200 motorcycle race and a variety of motorcycle racing events and shows at the Daytona International Speedway as well as activities throughout the area.

Our visitors come from all over the world. There are more languages spoken at Bike Week than at any other time of the year. In 2005, an estimated 700,000+ people came for Bike Week. They stay in hotels, motels, condominiums, and at campgrounds throughout the county.

The Speedway offers a full week of racing excitement including the BMW “Legends of Racing”, dirt track races, the Daytona Supercross by Honda, the Harley-Davidson TwinSports, 600cc SuperSport International Challenge and the Daytona 200 by Arai. Other events include the Harley-Davidson Museum, indoor show and Dresser Light Show, and several other motorcycle shows including vintage and custom bikes, European & Japanese motorcycles, sidecars and trikes. There are concerts, fashion shows, technical seminars and demo rides. You can join in a Poker Run, go to a motorcycle swap meet, learn how to “Stud Your Duds,” or enjoy one of the several free bar-b-ques.

While visiting here, the cyclists travel north to St. Augustine, south to the Kennedy Space Center and west to Orlando and even Tampa. However, one of the biggest activities of Bike Week is watching the other people and their machines, especially on Main Street in Daytona Beach.

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Daytona Beach Spring Break Is The Hottest Destination



Dауtоnа Bеасh Spring Break

Dауtоnа Bеасh Spring Break

One оf thе most fаmоuѕ rituаlѕ in соllеgе is the spring break. Thоuѕаndѕ of college ѕtudеntѕ hеаd to bеасh during thiѕ ѕеаѕоn and mоѕt of them go tо Daytona Bеасh for a wееk-lоng раrtу. They соmе in buѕеѕ or cars with оnlу bеасh gear in thеir bаgѕ. They соmе fоr thе bеасh аnd the company оf fеllоw ѕtudеntѕ glаd tо bе out оf thеir colleges аnd univеrѕitiеѕ. Orgаnizеrѕ рut up free соnсеrtѕ and games, and the environment iѕ ѕimрlу lоtѕ оf fun. This hаѕ been a trаditiоn thаt оnlу gеtѕ bigger еvеrу year.

Fаmоuѕ сеlеbritiеѕ grace these асtivitiеѕ tо аdd tо the еxсitеmеnt. Many оf them debut new аlbumѕ at these concerts аnd parties, tеѕting acceptance frоm thеir mаin mаrkеt: ѕtudеntѕ.

Sрring Break in Dауtоnа

Thе spring break асtivitiеѕ usually begin thе second wееk оf March аnd lаѕt аbоut twо wееkѕ. Thе 23 milеѕ оf sandy bеасhеѕ are реrfесt fоr ѕрring brеаk activities thаt inсludе campfire раrtiеѕ, соnсеrtѕ, ѕurfing соntеѕtѕ, аnd mаnу оthеrѕ.

Dауtоnа Bеасh hаѕ triеd tо сlеаn uр its imаgе but in thе lаѕt fеw уеаrѕ spring brеаkеrѕ have соmе bасk аgаin in ѕmаllеr numbеrѕ. There’s nо bеttеr place fоr Sрring Break. Fеbruаrу thrоugh mid-April аrе buѕу mоnthѕ in Dауtоnа Bеасh, аѕ loads оf tоuriѕtѕ flock to town fоr ѕресiаl events, ѕtаrting with thе Rоlеx 24 Hоur rасе, thе Daytona 500 rасе, Bikе Week (now асtuаllу twо wееkѕ), Sрring Break, аnd Blасk Cоllеgе Rеuniоn.

This iѕ the оffiсiаl home оf NASCAR аnd рrесiѕеlу whеrе NASCAR ѕtаrtеd with rасing оn the beach. Therefore, thеrе are a few NASCAR bаѕеd аttrасtiоnѕ lосаtеd here. There is also thе Dауtоnа fivе hundrеd rасе in February аnd thе Coke Zero fоur hundrеd rасе in July. Thеѕе are еxсiting timеѕ fоr rасе fans and nоn-rасе fаnѕ аlikе. It iѕ a сirсuѕ type аtmоѕрhеrе thаt envelopes аnd embraces thе аrеа.

Dауtоnа Beach spring breaks have bесоmе fаmоuѕ wоrldwidе fоr its wild соnсеrtѕ, bikini сlаd co-eds, аnd downright оutrаgеоuѕ bооzе parties. Studеntѕ from оthеr соuntriеѕ come and join the fun too.

Frоm thе beach, these revelers gо tо clubs аt night to party. Thе сlubѕ take thiѕ opportunity tо rake in ѕаlеѕ bу оrgаnizing еxсiting асtivitiеѕ tоо. Lately however, thеrе have been оrdinаnсеѕ thаt limit some of the асtivitiеѕ оf ѕрring brеаk. They hаvе not spoiled thе fun for ѕtudеntѕ whо continue tо go tо Dауtоnа Beach fоr раrtуing, even if there are mоrе rulеѕ thаn thеrе used to be.


Studеntѕ uѕuаllу сhесk in grоuрѕ at hоtеlѕ, innѕ аnd араrtmеntѕ. Sоmе organize thеir own раrtiеѕ аt rеѕоrtѕ and rеntаl hоmеѕ. Most оf these еѕtаbliѕhmеntѕ offer ѕресiаl student discounts during thiѕ timе. Mоrе bоhеmiаn ѕрiritеd соllеgе ѕtudеntѕ рitсh tеntѕ or rеnt соttаgеѕ оn thе beachfront. These usually hарреn whеn accommodations gеt fully booked. As a result, саmрfirе раrtiеѕ right оn the beach are оrgаnizеd ѕроntаnеоuѕlу.

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Top 10 Craziest Celeb Pranks On Fans Compilation



Top 10 Craziest Celeb Pranks On Fans Compilation

Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Pranks on Fans compilation !

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Gold Digger

Top 8 Different types of Gold Digger Definitions !

#1. Gold Digger

A gold digger is basically a female who admires successful men as opposed to mediocre and unaccomplished men. She lives by the code “lack of money can’t buy love and happiness” She is the exact opposite of a “ditch digger” (a female who chases poor males). Then there is the “silver digger” who chases middle-class males probably because she feels she can’t compete on a higher level with the caliber of females who score accomplished men. Self esteem problem.

While some gold diggers are males… they are overwhelmingly females since older wealthy women can’t birth children which is a major stumbling block and deterrent to male gold digging.

Plus gold digging doesn’t work as well for males since males don’t have the power to seduce that females have. All a female has to do to become rich is poke a lonely rich man in the belly and her bills are paid.
If a male pokes a rich woman in the belly out of the blue… there is a chance he is going to prison for being a creepy sexually assaulting pervert. Its dangerous for males to gold dig for the same reason its dangerous for males to flirt in the work place.

#2. Golddigger
Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man.

The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boytoy.

“That golddigging tramp was neverin love with him; she was in love with his money.”
#3. Gold Diggersex
A woman who manipulates men to benefit from their labor, skills, or money without compensation. Often highly narcissistic exhibiting little compassion and thankfulness.
A gold digger is a woman who is married, doesn’t work, and then takes it all in the divorse. A gold digger is a woman who uses cash, credit card, debit card, or check but doesn’t put deposit credit into the account. A gold-digger is a woman who never pays for dinner, entertainment, coffee, or parking. A woman who asks for favors without offering a reward.
#4. Gold Digger
a girl who only dates rich guys and guys who have a massive bank account. A girl who only dates rich guys for their money and nothing else.
She’s only dating him for his money. She’s such a gold digger.
#5. Gold Digger
A girl that is only with a man because she wants his money; shell spend it on jewelery, clothes, psa treatments, etc. Once he goes broke she’ll go for another man that is rich or just plain financialy stable.
#6. Gold Digger
Someone who only likes people because of how much money they have, or because of the items they own.
Guy: Wanna go out?
Girl: No
Guy: Okay then *Gets into Lamborghini*
Girl: *Notices Lamborghini* I take that back. I will go out with you.
Guy: What a gold digger.
#7. Gold Digger
A generally attractive person who seeks out relationships with sugar mommas or sugar daddy for monetary gain. A gold digger can be a female or male. It is often a mutually opportunistic relationship: the rich person gets sex or companionship and the GD gets money.

A song by Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx.

My friend Jessica is a total gold digger. She’s sleeping with this middle aged executive and he buys he pays all her bills. She might as well be a street walker. 
#8. Gold Digger
A person who goes out with you for your money

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2018 DV1 Asteroid Passing Nearby Earth Tomorrow



2018 DV1

The 2018 DV1 Asteroid: catching the bus isn’t usually much of a big a deal.

That said, the rules go out the window when what you’re catching is a close encounter with a bus-sized asteroid.

Tomorrow Earth will be passing closer to an asteroid than to its own moon. “How big of an asteroid?” you ask, dear reader who didn’t read the above paragraph? Big enough for your kid and twenty to thirty of their friends to climb on board and take it to school.

It’s just another day in the life and times of the apartment-over-a-noisy-subway-station of our solar system, Earth.

And, before you run out into the streets to scream at the sky like you’re in a summer space movie about the end of the world, don’t worry – it’s going to pass by completely safely.

But it’s still one of the more impressive ways to spend your Friday, cosmically speaking.

2018 DV1

What It Is

The asteroid, named 2018 DV1, is a 20-to-40 foot rocky space body which will be passing within one lunar distance of the earth, tomorrow.

For those not in the know (you know who you are), this is a distance of 65,000 miles or 65 choruses from that song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)“. And, while this is, for lack of literally any other word that’s as appropriate, really cool, it is worth noting that this is actually the 18th asteroid this year.

What was that? That information just made you even more nervous about all the asteroids we brush up against every year? You’re not comforted by that fact, at all?

Yeah – we understand that. Especially because, of those 18, only one other is likely to be even roughly the same size.

Why It’s Awesome, Though

Not to sound too self-absorbed, but the first reason you’re going to want a piece of this 2018 DV1 viewing party pie is, well, we can see it.

That actually doesn’t happen all that often. The asteroid in question was actually only discovered on Monday of this past week. With all of the technology at our disposal, it’s surprising that something that big could, essentially, sneak up on us, safely passing by or not.

So it’s interesting, something akin to finding money in an old jacket, or someone on the bus leaning over and offering you gum just when you wanted some.

Then there’s the fact that, no matter where you are in the world, this year technology will be bringing you the asteroid’s passing in real time. Tenagra Observatories in Arizona’s 16-inch will be live casting footage from the telescope from 12:30 AM, EST, making it available anywhere in the world, day or night.

And, as the asteroid is set to pass by safely, the result is a delightful galactic Catherine Wheel.

How To Watch It

Sky watchers can get their asteroid jollies via a live web stream, available from the Virtual Telescope Project, run by astronomer at the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory in Italy, Gianluca Masi.

Set your alarms for 12:30 AM, Eastern, and pay attention to the tiny blue dot whizzing by your screen, And remember: if you reached out to touch either the moon or that asteroid, you’d touch the asteroid first.

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The best 10 Gold Digger Pranks of 2018 !!!


9. Wealthy Politician Gold Digger Prank!!

8. Brutal Gold Digger Prank w/ROLLS ROYCE DAWN !

7. Gold Digger Serenade Prank Ft Justin Bieber!




3. Ultimate Lamborghini GOLD DIGGER Pick Up Prank



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Miami Yacht Show 2018 | The Most Luxurious Yacht’s



During presidents day weekend, Miami yacht show is a 5 day event hosted right in front of historic Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels. The place itself covers 500+ luxurious yachts and has attracted thousands of  tourists and buyers to come from all over the world.

Attendees with a basic ticket’s were able to have access to both Miami International Boat Show at Virginia Key and Miami Yacht Show in Miami beach. The first year under the brand new producer Informa, Miami Yacht Show announced their partnership with Miami International Boat Show, which is owned by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

VIP experience at the Miami Yacht show and Miami International Boat Show is available. Experience includes first hand private yacht tour, shuttle service as well as free food, beverages and entertainment.

Luxury yacht show also has a sailing event where they use 70 sailboats to enter the water. Sailing experience includes on yacht seminars and educational lessons.

This years entertainment event sponsors are:


Miami Yacht Show 2018 Gallery 

Owning a yacht ensures the world around you is quite yours. With having tons of choices, you can choose your yacht according to where you want to visit. Choosing a right yacht to visit remote destination is beneficial as it ensures a comfort and luxury in many areas that otherwise have little by the way of tourism infrastructure. 

Experience the most unforgettable moments of your life. It’s so much more than a base to enjoy a beautiful locations. Yacht parties, especially during the holidays are made special and it’s all from the experiences and memories created long after the holidays are over. Whether a couple, family or friends group, your yacht is the perfect way to cater to a variety of tastes and interests.

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World’s Biggest Car Crash (A Few Million Years From Now)



If you’ve ever had a fender bender or car crash, you know how bad it can be.

You get out of your car, surveying the wreck. “You came out of nowhere!”

The other guy gets out of his. “You’re a maniac! Look at what you did to my car!”

Words are said. Tempers flare up, and, hopefully, both of you have your insurance in line for after you trade phone numbers.

Not the best way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Now, imagine a car accident where the two cars are you, in your 2008 Midnight-Cherry-Red Tesla Roadster, and an entire planet.

Correction: the entire planet Earth.

Planetary Car Crash, Imminent

car crash

Following the successful launch of the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket into space on February 6th, the entire world celebrated.

This was a one-of-a-kind moment for mankind, and full of all the meaning and gravity of the biggest moments in our history.


but there was a small issue that nobody was speaking about. Something important. Something you’d worry about if you were letting your kid drive your car for the first time.

You see, the rocket, the largest in operation and a monument to humanity’s innovation, had a very special payload. Elon Musk’s own benchmark model Tesla Roadster.

In a move of pure marketing genius, Musk and his team arranged for the launch of his distinctive car into space, hoping to propel it along a collision course with Mars.

The car overshot this target and headed for the asteroid belt, instead.

The Problem

First off, let us start by saying there’s no real problem, here. The car launched according to all the parameters set out by SpaceX, and its trajectory is completely within the allowable margins of error.

That said, though, it’s going to crash into Earth.

Or Venus.

But, possibly, Earth!

The car’s path, now that it has been jettisoned into space, will take it on an orbit around Earth, the sun, and near to Mars.

But, over time, that orbit will change.

The plan at SpaceX was, initially, for the car to travel through space, and reach Mars’s orbit. However, following soon after the launch, the realization was that they had overshot the target, sending the car further into space than they had intended.

The result is an elliptical path beyond Mars and back toward Earth’s orbit, which the car will repeat, over and over. And, with each pass over, the car’s orbit will change.

Depending on the unique details of each time it passes by earth, the sun, and mars, the car will experience gravitational kicks into wider or smaller orbits. This is a random occurrence, and cannot be predicted.

That said, over time, the orbit is likely to slowly wander. This can take many millions of years, but its trajectory is likely to eventually lead it into either earth’s or Venus’s gravitational pull.

What are the chances of us any of us being able to see this intergalactic car crash at any time in our lives? Less than minimal.

But still…

In Conclusion

The car itself is being tracked by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, making it easy for them to know where it is at all times. This information is available online, and anybody can check it.

In spite of some early reservations, however, the launch itself went exactly according to plan.

That being said, when (if) SpaceX eventually has a car crash into earth in eight million years, they had better have a great auto insurance provider. With only 162 million miles between us and Venus, we’ll be watching the skies closely.

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Are You Ready For The Daytona 500, This Sunday?



The Daytona 500: what is there to say?

Some things are built to stand the test of time.

The Arc de Triomf.

The Pyramids.  

Strangely enough, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, although time will tell on that one.

And, after nearly six decades of show-stopping performances and record-breaking attendance, we’d say it’s safe to add The Daytona 500 to this list. As the world-famous event makes ready for its 59th incarnation this Sunday, we thought it would be nice to put the Daytona 500 under the microscope, and remind you of what it is that fills up the Daytona Speedway’s stands, year after year.

As if you needed the reminder.

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500: A Brief History

So-named after the 500 mile Daytona International Speedway on which it is run, the Daytona 500 actually has its origins on much shorter tracks, run in the area in the 1950s.

Earlier events featured stock cars on 200 mile course on a Daytona Beach Road Course, partially across sand and partially along the highway. The move to the nearby 500 mile Daytona International Speedway took place in 1959, and this Daytona NASCAR race became the second such race, after the Southern 500.

In the nearly 60 years since its inception, the Daytona 500 has become a staple in local tourism, and an event with international pull. Teams race to qualify for a spot on the field in the weeks preceding the event. NASCAR champions are given special spots on the field, if they choose, and local businesses open their doors to thousands of out-of-town holiday makers over the weekend, every year.

Television crews flood the city. Celebrities both from and outside of the racing industry pour into Daytona, and the air becomes alive with the excitement of mass tourism. As an official NASCAR 500 event, the support is there, but it’s the sheer size of the Daytona 500 that really makes it shine out.

So there’s the obvious pull of having a major sporting event hosted in your city. What else is it that makes the annual Daytona 500 a special event?

Daytona 500 Facts

With 59 years under its belt, it’s no wonder the Daytona 500 has amassed some fascinating stories, facts, and figures.

Every big event needs an impressive location. The Daytona International Speedway is the largest lighted sports facility in North America. Featuring over 2,000 lights, it’s a sight to see at night, and plays host to thousands of (well lit) spectators, every day.

It’s also huge, overall, being able to fit two full-sized Disneylands within the speedway’s 180-acre inland.

1979 marked the first televised fistfight taking place at the Daytona 500. While organizers may want to distance themselves from images of rowdy brawling, there have been incidents.  The first live broadcast of the 500 featured an unfortunate fist fight between Cale Yarborough and Donnie and Bobby Allison.

One of the more fun modern additions to the Daytona 500 event is the Rolex 24 pre-race all-day drive. In 2009, Roy Ogletree set a record for jet ski travel, lapping the lake 900 times during this event.

It’s also the location of the 2001 accident which took the life of legendary NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr. Organizers used this as an opportunity to overhaul safety standards for the event, but it hung heavily on fans.

Hit The Track, At The Daytona 500

Some events transcend the run-of-the-mill yearly norm of professional sports.

With thousands of onlookers, racers, tourists flocking to Daytona Beach, this weekend, the Daytona 500 leads the NASCAR industry.

Are you going to be in the crowd at the International Speedway this Sunday? Comment below, and let us know what you’re looking forward to seeing!

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10 Celebrities Who Used Law Of Attraction



Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. It’s the way of life. ~ Albert Einstein. Today we are counting down top 10 celebrities who used law of attraction to achieve success in their life’s.

10. Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor law of attraction

Conor McGregor used the law of attraction to achieve success in his career and is of the most successful athletes in the history of UFC. Conor talks about how he would visualize day after day exactly how he was going to win his fights as well as how much money he wanted to make. He says the combinations of visualizing what you want, believing in yourself and taking massive action towards your visualized goal is the key to achieving any goal in your life.

9. Will Smith

will smith law of attraction

Will Smith is an iconic legend in acting industry with tons of successful achievements. Before will started to achieve massive success in his career, he always wondered. How are successful people successful? Is it because some people are smarter than others or is it because of the luck? he said the universe has given you gifts to succeed with. It’s your job to discover your gifts and use them in your favor to achieve anything you desire. You need to be able to see it in your mind and put all your energy into that powerful vision of yours. When action meets visualization the success shows up as a result.

8. Jim Carrey

jim carrey law of attraction

Jim Carrey’s story begin’s in back in times when no one knew him. Carrey had a passion for action and that’s what he loved to do, but it was not easy to land roles after having so many turn downs. One day he was riding back home from work. While in traffic Jim started to looked the world little different. He started to see big buildings, luxury cars, and homes as he passed by. Carrey told himself that if others have these things it’s not impossible so what he did was took out a checkbook and wrote himself a $10 million check. He then deteriorated it every single day as he took massive action towards his dream goal of becoming a famous actor. It wasn’t months after he landed a movie role “Dumb and Dumber” where he got paid $10 million.

7. Big Sean

Big Sean Law Of Attraction

Every single person in his life told Big sean he would never be successful. People always brought him down and told him he would never be able to achieve success in his career. Sean was always a big believer in law of attraction and stayed focused on exactly what he wanted. He would use daily law of attraction methods to start attracting fame. He stayed focused on his goal and thought about exactly what he wanted to manifest in reality which was to be one of the best hip-hop artists. It wasn’t soon after when Big Sean dropped his album and achieved massive success with the use of a law of attraction.



LMFAO is one of the most successful electronic music artists. He says his success revolves around the strategies described in books like “Think & Grow Rich” and his favorite book that he always praises “The Secret.” When asked what’s your secret to the success he said: “What you think about you become.”

5. Chris Pratt

Chriss Pratt used the book secret to land the main role in the Jurrasic world and is a big believer of a law of attraction. He practices meditation and daily affirmation to achieve success throughout the day.

4. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey law of attraction

Every single person that you see in this world is using “Law Of Attraction” in their every day lives. Whether they are aware of it or not. The law of attraction is impersonal and is unfailingly matching like energy frequencies. There is no time when law of attraction is not working, just like gravity. The difference is when you understand how to use law of attraction you can begin to use it to create the life you always dreamed of having.

3. Jay-z

JAYZ Law of attraction

You can create anything you want but in order to do that, you need to follow the principles of the law. You have to learn to eliminate the doubt and to replace it with expectation feeling of getting exactly what you want. If your doubt is greater than your faith, your chances of success are very low.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Law Of Attraction

According to Arnold in order to get what you want, you have to first decide what you want to be and envision that image in your mind. Every morning that you wake up, you have to hold that image of what you want to become in your mind. Before you go to sleep envision that image again, over and over. Next step is to actually take action and work on becoming that person you envision in your mind every single day till you become that person you want.

1.Bob Proctor

bob proctor law of attraction

Bob says “Your thought’s become things, If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hands.” One of the things Proctor always says is It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go. See-it Believe-it Do-it!

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